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Union Announces A Name Change
Shalom All UONYC Brethren,
Allow us to make this very brief, since  to make this announcement long would only take up more of our time. As most of you know, YHWH has shown most of us through prophecy in scripture, through rhema words, and worlds of knowledge, that the messy-antic movement is at a point that the foundation of Yahshua as "chief cornerstone" is being removed by countless leaders. As such the system is no different than the apostate church system. And if Yahweh fails to bring judgment on the messianic movement which has been given so much, then he will not only have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah but to the Roman Catholic church as well.
As such, as the assigned and authorized overseers, the Union Board of Rabbis, has heard both the voice and declaration of Abba YHWH, that we need to fully remove ourselves from this inferno of unbelief, since the movement as we know it will go the way of the twin towers of New York.
We simply do not have the resources or the unlimited strength to expose, exhort, correct, and rebuke every Yahshua denier in them movement. Moreover, unlike the Messianic Jewish organizations that  have upwards of 50% of their leaders who are in some form of Renewed Covenant denial, we simply cannot ignore the issue and let things remains quiet. For to do so would be to give tacit endorsement through  silence, and all that that silence implies. Similar to the silence of the world during the physical holocaust of Jewish Yisrael in 1942.
After much prayer, consideration, mediation and most important the direct and clear leading of Yahweh and His Son, your Board of Rabbis have felt it to be of an immediate necessity to rename the Union, removing ourselves from any connection or even perceived connection to messianism (or "orthodox messianics", who are in affect "messianic Jews" who also believe in a Messiah like Schneerson), and its impending judgment, as has been revealed to us.
Therefore be advised and alerted to the new name of our Union which is known from this 26th day of October 2003 as the
We pray that this name change will be confirmed in your spirit, as it was in all the members of the board, individually and corporately.
Union indicates our love and unity.......
Nazarene indicates our full love and faithfulness to be talmidim of Yahshua, and the fact that we are not the kind of messianics that deny him in any way, shape, or form. Nazarene is the most biblical term applied to Torah keepers in Yahshua as found in Acts 24:5.
Yisraelite indicates that all 12 tribes are being renewed and restored as his talmidim and identifies us with both houses.
Congregations indicate our emphasis on congregational structure, while allowing those not yet fully comfortable with being called a synagogue to be at ease.
We have perfect shalom about this necessary change. When we first mulled over the idea 6 months ago, it seemed like mere semantics. Not any more. We have heard the call to come out of it, and we have done so. May all the local leaderships affirm that all is well in our mutual understanding of Him and our position in Him, as we grow in maturity and understanding.
Also we have posted our doctrinal statement below for your immediate review. At the request of Rav Ed Nydle and Rav Tom Mitchell, board members, we have asked each leader in the Union Of Nazarene Yisraelite Congregations to affirm the basics of our doctrinal statement, the most important being item one, referring to the divinity and virgin birth. If you are a leader and are studying this issue, please continue to study but not as a Union Of Nazarene Yisraelite Congregations leader. As a shepherd, you are required to be a teacher, not a seeker, on the most crucial matter of our faith, which is Who DO YOU SAY THAT I AM? (Matt, 16:15-17)
If you can answer like Keefa, you are welcome to abide with us. If you cannot honestly say He is who Matthew 16:17 says He, is and who our statement of affirms He is, then we respectfully ask you to step down immediately.
Unlike other "organizations", we are not going to hide Yahshua, Messiah, the NT, or virgin birth deniers. We also are not going to wait for you to come around. Like Yahshua told Nicodemous as a teacher in Yisrael, WHO OTHERS DEPEND ON, you ought to know what the new birth is all about and from whom it has come!
Please be a man or woman of Torah honesty, and come forward so we know the true team players and co-laborers YHWH has put in our midst. You'll find the statement below.
Also it is not necessary that you agree with every dot and comma below. We are simply looking for basic affirmation especially concerning WHO MOSHIACH IS. You may contact me directly at union1@2house.org Todah rabah for your ongoing support.
Rabbi Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky/Nassi
Union Of Nazarene Yisraelite Congregations
Board Of Rabbis