Moshe Koniuchowsky Name Change


Marshall / Moshe Koniuchowsky made the following statement as part of the reason for his public endorsement of James Trimm's deceptions by his Internet Jezebel official statement, "I am even more sensitive to this as some rabbis are the source for the recent rehashing of an 18 year old accusation that Moshe is not Moshe but Marshall." I had never written anything concerning this matter, or investigated any of Koniuchowsky's statements prior to his email and his Internet Jezebel lie. The name change issue was actually addressed by Vicky Dillen of , who saw that the matter was first addressed by the MJAA in an article they had written about the Ephraimite Error, "Primary among the movement's spokespersons are Batya and Angus Wootten and Marshall, a.k.a. Moshe, Koniuchowsky." Yet, Moshe decided to include this subject in a public statement written about me, so I decided to investigate the matter, since it was being associated with me. Vicky did as I did, found net pages where books that Koniuchowsky authored were listed as Marshall Koniuchowsky. I, however, am not content to accept just net book references that Koniuchowsky can excuse by saying he simply used Marshall, since Jewish names were looked down upon. I want to make sure that any statement I make proves the truth, the real truth that they cannot excuse with such an absurd statement.


The following evidence, including legal documents that are public record, using Marshall, will not only prove my statements, but will vindicate others, such as MJAA, the "rabbis", and Vicky Dillen, that Marshall / Moshe Koniuchowsky has called liars, when he in fact is the liar. He did go by Marshall and used the name legally. The issue of what his name was at birth has yet to be resolved to my standards, but in order to use the name Marshall for legal purposes if his name really was Maushe, as evidence below shows, he would have had to have a legal name change from his birth name, and then changed it to whatever he chooses to use now. He has never made such a statement that he legally chose Marshall and then changed it back. No public records for Marshall Koniuchowsky can be found AFTER 1995, the date on his net birth certificate. I also checked with Broward and Miami-Dade counties and there are no name change records for any Koniuchowsky, which are public record.

At no point has Marshall / Moshe Koniuchowsky repented of his accusations and lies in this matter. I sent him an email on 8/23/2003 pointing out that an apology was due and he never replied. A week later I sent it and an explanation out to 4 witnesses [ apology email ]. So that it was "fair", I sent it to two of Koniuchowsky's associates and two men in the messianic movement that I respect. I never heard back from his associates either. Until he repents of this unrighteousness, making a public apology on his newsletter, to the forums that the slander was posted, to Vicky Dillen, MJAA and myself, I will continue to acquire the truth and expose his unrighteousness.

Marshall/Moshe proceeded to issue official statements and post documents in August 2003, trying to prove he has always been Moshe. The following are Koniuchowsky's poor attempts to prove he is not a liar and deceiver.


August 2003 Documents

Declaration of Name

As you can see, this document is neither signed, notorized nor sealed. Anyone can draw up an official looking document, but that does not make it legitimate.

Birth Certificate

Please note the date this certificate was issued is 8-31-1995. Also, his name on the certificate is spelled Maushe, not Moshe. His excuse for this is, "Said name is pronounced the same as Moshe, but because my father wanted Moshe and my mother wanted Michael or Mitchell or something similar they compromised on the spelling. Therefore, my parents left my birth name (as listed on my Birth Certificate) as “Maushe.” However, Maushe is pronounced the same as Moshe. Therefore, I use the initials “MJ” on licenses and other legal matters so I do not have to explain why it is spelled Maushe Joseph instead of Moshe Yoseph." The ironic thing is, Marshall / Moshe Koniuchowsky's grandfather is named Moshe Joseph Koniuchowsky, so why would a odd and very rare, variant spelling be used of their son, when Moshe or Marshall would be more widely accepted and understood than Maushe?

Witness For Rav Moshe

This page shows the document that Yochanan Mascaro wrote, to testify to the "truth", concerning the name of Koniuchowsky. Unfortunately, due to real evidence supplied below and his lack of really looking into the matter, I do not believe Mascaro to be a credible witness.

Various Koniuchowsky Name Statements

I am receiving documents concerning the employer mentioned. As soon as I receive them, they will be added to the evidence below.



The following sources are in order of findings, not importance. Legal documents from public records are mixed in with other proof. The first three headings are those easily found on the internet.


Books authored by Marshall Koniuchowsky listed on the net


Books by Marshall Koniuchowsky with a Barnes & Noble search

This one is interesting, because the other two books that he is listed as translator for, were published after he self published the Great Commission in 1992. He cannot state that it was pressure from Charles Brock or another publisher to use Marshall, since those books were published after 1992.

Barnes & Noble Great Commission

Just so that no one can state that the Book Finder was a fluke, Barnes and Noble has the same info, listing Marshall Koniuchowsky as author and Messiah Is God Ministries, Koniuchowsky's ministry, as publisher.


Florida Assembly Listing

Yashanet Messianic Congregations Florida listing

Note that under Miami Beach, B'NAI YASHUA SYNAGOGUE OF MIAMI BEACH, you see Moshe Koniuchowsky listed, but under Sunrise, MESSIAH IS G-D FELLOWSHIP, you see Marshall Koniuchowsky. This is a cached page, which means that it is a picture taken of an older page by the search engine at the time it was current, one that has been updated or no longer existing.


1996 Newsgroup Post

Christian Bible Study Newsgroup post

This post is made using Roberta Koniuchowsky's email, but the post is written by Marshall/Moshe. At the end of the post, he signs off as Rabbi Marshall.


Sun-Sentinel Article


I called the Sun-Sentinel and spoke with Jim Davis, the religion editor. I asked him about his sources for the quote, "Koniuchowsky, who renamed himself Moshe from Marshall..." Mr. Davis informed me that he had none, because KONIUCHOWSKY TOLD HIM THAT HE CHANGED HIS NAME. "And further more", he stated, "Koniuchowsky never contested the statement when the article ran."


Miami-Dade County Clerk Public Records

County Clerk Main Page Search

County Clerk Record 1992

County Clerk Record 1995

Though these pages are of public records, they do not open the file numbers, so no personal information is being revealed. Copies of the records have to be requested and paid for to receive a copy. Suffice is the listing of Marshall and Roberta Koniuchowsky, legal names, for mortgage and amortization filings. He could not have used a pseudonym for his legal papers. This shows that at least to 1995 (the same date as on the re-issued birth certificate), Marshall was his legal name contrary to his own statements and declarations swearing otherwise. Below is a clip of section ofthe 1995 record, showing that the notary used Koniuchowsky's drivers license as proof of identification for his name asMARSHALL KONIUCHOWSKY.


Koniuchowsky Cousin Emails

These emails are of questions I asked Mitch Konichowsky [spelled without the U], a cousin of Marshall / Moshe's in New York, regarding his name and Leiba Koniuchowsky.


Vehicle Registration Records

Vehicle registration records end at 1999 for Marshall Koniuchowsky. After 1995 and up to his current vehicle, have been registered under M J Koniuchowsky, as is his drivers license.


Broward County Clerk Civil Suit Record

Civil Action Docket

This is a civil suit brought against Marshall Koniuchowsky by the Intruder Detection Systems in July 1994.


Hebrew School

Marshall / Moshe Koniuchowsky has stated in his bio, "He attended a modern conservative Hebrew Day school in Lawrence, Long Island New York. While at Brandeis, Moshe studied such typical Jewish topics as Torah, Talmud, Hebrew language study, as well as a full curriculum of Jewish cultural classes." I never gave this a second though, until I read the email from Koniuchowsky's cousin, Mitchell. "Moshe tried hard to be Americanized.  So early on, while in junior high school and high school he began to also be known as Marshall."  Not only is the a contradiction to Marshall/Moshe's statements of when he took up Marshall, but why would he need to be Americanized at a Hebrew School, where Moshe would have fit right in? So I called Brandeis. Brandeis School, 25 Frost Lane, Lawrence, NY, 516-371-4747. I spoke with a Harriet Sanders who handles the records. She checked for a Marshall, Maushe and Moshe Koniuchowsky. Not only did she state that there was no student registered by that name, but there were no Koniuchowsky's.

This was even more odd since Koniuchowsky registered himself as Maushe Koniuchowsky on as having attended that school. The records at are not from schools or other records, but what the registrant signs themselves up at as.

Brandeis High School 1970-1974

So if Koniuchowsky did not attend Brandeis, where did he? I took a stab at the major public school in Lawrence, thinking that he might not be lying about the Lawrence part. I called Lawrence Public Schools, 2 Reilly Rd., Cedarhurst, NY, 516-295-8009. I spoke with Diane Johnson and asked if she could verify if the had a student that graduated in 1974. I asked for the name of Marshall Koniuchowsky. She typed in the name on the computer and asked me to hold. She returned and said that she spoke with her superior and was told that they could in no way give out any information about their students. I am attempting other avenues to verify that he was a student at Lawrence Public School for the years listed. As soon as the documents arrive, I will post them. It seems as if it is not just a name that he is trying to market, but a Hebrew education as well.

On 8/13/2004, Marshall Koniuchowsky sent out one of his newsletters. He titled it, "Entertaining the Akel Kartza." This was based on a "warning" that the false "Dr." James Trimm and Koniuchowsky's brother in lies, wrote a few days earlier. Marshall wrote, "In recent weeks YATI and perhaps yourself as well, have received notices from professional liars who ADMIT TO NOT BEING SAVED nor being a bible believer and yet are posting entire websites made up of lies against key leaders in the Nazarene and 'messianic movements.' Apparently these folks have much time on their hands. Its one thing to attack a persons theology, (which is fair game done in the right spirit) but another to pick up the phone and start looking for dirt. One such example is accusing a minister of not going to a particular school, stating that the school has no record of the minister graduating, when they never bothered to discover in their search for dirt, that the school from which the minister graduated is closed and was sold to another movement and denomination, which is why they 'have no record.' I am tempted to name their names (3 ladies) but will bite my toung and let YHWH defend us all!"

On 9/1/04, I finally made time to call Harriet Sanders at Brandeis School to see if they had possibly been sold and purchased by another denomination as Koniuchowsky claims. Harriet happened to be the one to answer the phone. I re-introduced myself to her and asked how long the school had been there in Lawrence. She answered that it had been there since 1964. She volunteered that it had been previous to that, in Woodmere. I asked if it had been owned by another denomination and then sold to the current one. She replied no, that it has always been in the current denominations hands. Now, Koniuchowsky cannot possibly state that it was a different school than Brandeis, and that I am mistaken about the name or the school, when he is the one that supplied the information in his bio and on classmates .com. I am not mistaken about Brandeis being the Hebrew school in Lawrence, NY, and they are quite certain that no Koniuchowsky, by any first name, ever attended there. Marshall Koniuchowsky is digging his pit deeper and deeper, instead of repenting of the lies and slander that he has already committed.


Assessor Record

The current address on the following document has been removed for privacy, since it was not necessary to prove his name. I do not generally alter documents in order to protect the integrity of the document. This is not being done as the result of any legal pressure, nor was it ever requested of me in any of Marshall Koniuchowsky's emails. To view the unedited document, please go to this link, click the button for the owner's name, type in Koniuchowsky, Marshall and you will be able to view the document.

2003 Current Property Record for Marshall Koniuchowsky

This is very important to note, since it occurs after 1995, the date on the birth certificate. Since you can only use your legal name on documents, does this mean that he has never legally changed his name from Marshall to Maushe / Moshe? How is it that he has Marshall Koniuchowsky on legal documents and yet has a scanned image of a birth certificate, dated 1995, showing Maushe Koniuchowsky?



As other documents arrive, I will scan and post them.