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Shalom b'YHWH
Stan Eisenberg, Steven Avery, Tom Mitchell and Ed Nydle. A week ago, I sent a letter to Mr. Koniuchowsky, pointing out that a public apology was due, for the letter on official YATI letterhead was posted to numerous net forums, calling me an internet Jezebel, among other things. It has been a week and he has made no effort to email me privately or make a public apology. I informed him that in the event that he did nothing, I would be forced to take the matter before the required witnesses, according to Matthew, " 'But if he does not listen to you, take with you one or two, that on the mouth of two or three witnesses may be established all word. And if, also, he will not to them listen , speak to the assembly' ", which I am doing now. I have chosen Stan Eisenberg and Steven Avery, because I find them to be honest men, deserving of my respect. I have also chosen Tom Mitchell and Ed Nydle, since they are on the Board of Two House Messianic Congregations, with Mr. Koniuchowsky.

Below is a forward of the letter that I sent to Mr. Koniuchowsky a week ago. It was in reply to an email that Mr. Koniuchowsky replied to from an update of mine on 8/10/2003, concerning the plagiarism of James Trimm with his HRV. The email was addressed to me, Ed Nydle, Tom Mitchell and James Trimm. James Trimm immediately took the letter as an endorsement and used it as such on all his forums and on others that he participates at. On 8/11/2003, Mr. Koniuchowsky wrote a longer letter, on official letterhead and posted it to forums and sent it to his list. The letter is below, with my comments in green, pointing out to Mr. Koniuchowsky, that I was due a public apology, for his false public accusations. Gentlemen, please investigate and witness [edah] in this matter. Shalom, Kathryn

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Subject: apology
Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2003 20:35:28 -0600
From: Kathryn <research@mail.lebtahor.com>
To: Rav Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky <ravmoshe@bellsouth.net>
References: <3F33E23F.5020803@mail.lebtahor.com> <015201c35f81$fc974da0$3f71fea9@oemcomputer>

Rav Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky wrote:

Kathryn, Don't send me anymore of your venom. You are a wicked woman. You can quote me on that. How long have you been on this witchunt? 5 years? You'll answer to Yahweh of every word of lashon hara/(evil tongue produce by an evil heart) you spread. Even if what your saying is true (YAHWEH knows) you released this once 5 years ago and then should have let it drop....But now you've shifted into hunt and kill mode! Now your hounding the man. You need help. I wouldn't want to stand in your shoes on the day of judgment before Yahshua. James only problem is he has attempted to do things for YHWH and has climbed that pole and you haven't or can't and so the higher he climbs  the more his backside is vulnerable to your wickedness. The spirit of Jezebel is a spirit that can't produce real and lasting  spiritual fruit on their own, so they seek out another mans fruit and grab it by tearing down his character. I know plenty of folks like that. They come against me as well! Sadly your one of them. get a life!. HIS!

Shalom b'YHWH
Mr. Koniuchowsky, I did not reply before, curious to see what the real purpose of your email was, since James was carbon copied. I quickly saw that he used your email in the manner in which you intended. I also watched to see what became of that door being opened and you quickly followed with a whole, false statement. I have waited to see if you would behave in an upright manner and turn and return from your actions, you have not. So according to the testimony of the Messiah that I do serve and live my life by, I am approaching you, according to Matthew 18, " 'And now, if your brother acts perversely  against you, go, and prove between you and between him alone; and if he hears you, you have gained your brother. But if he does not listen to you, take with you one or two, that on the mouth of two or three witnesses may be established all word. And if, also, he will not to them listen , speak to the assembly; and if to the assembly he does not listen, he will be to you as a mokes [tax collector] and as an obed eliyliym [servant of false gods].' " Peshitta translation.

You have no clue of the time frame, nor of what my motives are, nor of what I have spoken of. You obviously have not truly looked into the situation, but unrighteously defended another man's unrighteousness and then publically slandered me, something that you falsely accused me of doing. On top of it all, you fall back into a false teaching, prominent in Christian charismatic circles, that of attacking a woman with the accusation of "Jezebel". Very similar to what several unrighteous men in the Messianic community do, crying lashon hara, when they cannot defend their unrighteousness and refuse to turn and return from it. You obviously have not studied who Jezebel is and what she really did; just as you have not studied the truth of the matters concerning James Trimm.

As required by Yahusha` the Messiah and by his Father, YHWH in His Torah [Teachings/Law], I will provide my proof between me and between you. The following is your unrighteous post with my proofs in green.


I am now in my 18th year of ministry. I have become sick and saddened over
the character attacks against servants of YHWH, most of whom are Torah and
True name leaders. When I started in messianic work, the attacks were
primarily doctrinal. Now today they are primarily character dissections.
YHWH has revealed to me that every effective soldier for blood redemption of
Messiah and Torah constitutional body life, has a personally assigned demon
to harass them ! The Father further revealed to me that many times these
demons move other elders or rabbis to character attack others of whom that
demon/persons is jealous of, and usually can be found manifesting a spirit
of Jezebel, which is a spirit of uncleanness that is spiritually impotent
and can't produce spiritual fruit on its own. Thus it moves another
individual or leader to seek to steal and claim spiritual fruit from others
by blatant character assassination.
Your concept of Jezebel is lacking, but that is not the point of this letter, so I will not get into a discussion of her unrighteousness here.

Therefore I stand side by side with any minister who is being character
assassinated (accusations such as child abuse, pedophilia, drunkenness,
incest, fraud, scamming etc, when these issues are designed not for public
discourse, but for private confrontation and repentance, and are usually
blatant lies) as I have in the past. Whether the accusations against Trimm
are true or not, I object to any mode of accusation that keeps rehashing the
same garbage which first came out 5 years ago to new and uninformed internet
surfers.This shows me that those doing the accusing aren't interested in
correction and restitution IF found to be necessary, but in creating a
internet whirlwind of hatred without cause. I am even more sensitive to this
as some rabbis are the source for the recent rehashing of an 18 year old
accusation that Moshe is not Moshe but Marshall. So I can sympathize with
others beings slammed as well.

First of all, I was not assassinating the charater of James Trimm. When James lied to defend his unrighteous behavior, I merely researched what he said and reported the truth. James' own behavior and lies spoke to his character. I spoke nothing but the truth.  I also never accused James of pedophilia, drunkeness, or incest.  James was privately confronted, but refused to repent. Even his own beit din told him to repent and he refused. He lost his entire beit din, except Eric Sandquist. When the next group joined, Andrew Roth found out the truth, based on my website and he resigned as well. Do not even begin to accuse me of not trying to take care of this in a private manner when I have emails to prove otherwise. James made the same error you did, he took a matter and began to post it to his forums, making it public and thereby my defense public. Perhaps you would like to really check into this matter before you so quickly, with mistaken zeal, stand side by side, with such a man.  Neither did any of this first come out 5 years ago. My orignal website was first launched in the summer of 2000. I do believe that that makes it 3 years ago and I did not rehash all the old information, but simply moved it to a new location, even making it all consolidated under the section of Initial Events. What was addressed recently was the matter of his Hebraic Roots Version plagiarism, which was just about to be published then. As soon as I received a copy of his HRV and immediately was able to identify the text he plagiarized, I made the information available, for the protection of those that would be deceived by him. I also addressed the issue of his recent statement that he and his followers were the 144,000 listed in the book of Revelations. Also not old information being rehashed. Additional information was addressed, even though I knew of it years ago, because James Trimm has set himself up as a Torah teacher, making himself equal to the kohaniym and saying that you can send the tithes that would have been given to them, to him. Since he is setting himself in such a position, he needs to meet the standards of a leader, listed in the Tanak and the NT. Do you disagree that a leader, even a self appointed one, needs to uphold such standards of righteousness? Perhaps you would again like the chance to REALLY check into this information and see the truth of the matter.  For these false statements that you have made, I am owed a public apology.
As to James character,  http://www.lebtahor.com/truth/trimm/cultleader/cultleader.htm  which include legal documents and testimonies

 As to the matter of internet whilrwind of hatred withoust cause and correction and restitution if found to be necessary, James Trimm had numerous opportunities to repent with me. He refused on all accounts and compounded his sin. In my eyes, according to Scriptures, especially the passage from Matthew 18, which I quoted above, I am then to treat James Trimm as a tax collector and a servant of false gods. He is not my brother, since I am of the House of YHWH and serve the only true El, YHWH. It is then my responsibility, according to the Torah [Teachings/Law] and the Testimony, as well as the example of Shaul's letters, to warn others of this man's deceptions, so that they not fall into his pit and walk into his error.  If you are not familiar with the passages of Scriptures that I allude to, I can provide them, written out and referenced, that will very easily provide you with the proofs for my having the James Trimm section of my website, which is no different than the public letters of Shaul warning about  Alexander, Hymenaeus, Philetus, Demas, etc.  How about the verse in I Timothy 5:20, " 'Those who sin are to be rebuked publically, so that the others may take warning. ' " This verse is also in agreement with the Torah of YHWH.  Once again, for your false statements, I am owed a public apology.

As to the matter of Lashon HaRa [tongue of the evil], before I launched my old website, when James Trimm refused to repent and his beit din had not even responded to my emails at that time, I contacted the Rabbinical Assembly and the Rabbinical Council in New York. In case you are not aware of what those organizations are, they head and educate the Jewish rabbi's for Orthodox and Conservative sects. I also called a number of rabbis, at various orthodox synagogues. All stated the same, that what I was doing was not Lashon HaRa. In fact, it was my right and responsibility, according to TORAH, to see that people were protected from such lies and deceptions. You and James can scream Lashon HaRa all you want, the truth of the matter is that I did not commit it, even by orthodox standards, and yet both of you have.  For that, I am also owed a public apology.

My statement against the wicked and evil lashon hara/evil speaking
circulating the internet is against the personally assigned demons that
have been assigned to James Trimm. I in no way did, or would endorse or be
seen as any kind of partner with James due to doctrinal and other
differences, BUT I won't stand idly by while others keep rehashing what he
allegedly did 5 years ago. If these folks accusing were really interested in
justice, they would have brought forth the charges 5 years ago, and dropped
it into YHWH's lap and then trusted YHWH to reveal and correct what needs to
be revealed and corrected. Not open new websites where all this trash can be

I am not a personally assigned demon of James Trimm. And you falsely accused me of having an evil tongue. You could not provide proof that James Trimm did not plagiarize a text and sell it as a translation of the Hebrew and Aramaic that HE translated; you could not provide proof that he did not lie, any of the multitude of times that he did; you cannot provide proof that he has a legitimate doctorate; you cannot prove that he is Jewish; you cannot prove that he did not slander. So what do you do to defend James Trimm, you falsely call me a demon assigned to him? Why? Could you not provide one bit of evidence to the contrary? Because I cared not for the protection of my own name to defend someone from James Trimm's false accusations? Because I made myself open to a falsely bad reputation in order to protect people? Because I have spent my own time and resources, none of which were solicited or paid for, because the truth of YHWH is that important to me? Because I have no agendas or associations to protect? Why? I would very much like to know why you stood side by side with a man of unrighteousness, to join in his slander against me. Whatever the reason, you were wrong to do so and I have a multitude of proofs that speak in my defense and for that, you very much owe me a public apology.

I am now aware of the new rumors now being circulated around messianic
chartrooms and post boards (which is why I'm not on them and suggest you be
careful which ones your on IF ANY) but I desire all to understand this
clearly and without confusion. I do not support or not support any of James
Trimm's projects and neither do I endorse or not endorse his material. I
have enough challenges of my own.

After you made your initial email to me, intentionally written to lend public support to James Trimm, which of course James would gladly accept, seeing as how he could not defend himself on any open forum, James publically posted your letter all over.  All I did was to warn others about his plagiarized Hebraic Roots Version of the NT and for that you accuse me of lashon hara, being wicked, on a witchhunt, having a spirit of Jezebel,  tearing down Trimm's character, etc.  I posted a reply at the Messianic_Apologetic forum, one of the only forums willing to get at the truth and not block posts. I pointed out the irony that here I was trying to warn people of Trimm's plagiarism and you were one of the first to endorse and sell it. You did not check him out, you did not check his version out. Yet I know that you received my old emails about James Trimm not even being Jewish and lying to people about that, you also received the emails about his not having a legitimate doctorate and plagiarizing Matthew from Schonfield. You at no time, asked to be removed from those mailings. I know, I record and file all such requests in case it is necessary. I also spoke, several times, directly with John Mascaro, who was and still is, working for you. And in case he gets a case of amnesia, it was at the time that you guys were putting out articles against Talmud and James jumped on your case for doing so. John was well aware of all that I stated concerning James Trimm. Yet with that knowledge, you turn right around and sell his HRV from your website. I cant tell you how disappointed in you I was, as a discerning person, when I saw that. Now, you could claim that you never read the emails and just trashed them without knowing. You could even claim that John never relayed the information to you. But you cant righteously claim that you never endorsed it or sold it. On that point you outright lied and lied when you claimed that I lied for stating that you did. The proof of your lie is at the bottom of the HRV page, where I have net copies of your selling the HRV at your site. http://www.lebtahor.com/truth/trimm/plagiarisms/hrvpage.htm
Once again,  you owe me a public apology.

Any posting stating that I endorse the HRV is a lie. Regardless of the
source. Period. What I do endorse and do support and do empathize is with
James as a brother, who is being viciously attacked on the same issues that
were thrown at him on the same medium (internet) years ago, by the same
Jezebel woman, which says to me that this is a witchunt and a hounding and
cornering of a man who is a believer by someone out for blood. That kind of
witchunt is not from one seeking Torah justice and reconciliation and or
restitution, but of a woman who is one of these personally assigned
tormentors that most true name Torah ministers now have to contend with.

The lie about endorsement is dealt with above. I fear for you, calling James a brother, since he has proven repeatedly that he is unrighteous, unrepentant, slandering, deceiving, thieving, and an outright liar. You see,  Yahusha`  states in John 8:44,  that  the accuser never held to the truth, that there is no truth in him, that when he lies he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. Yahusha` says that those not loving him, not hearing hearing him, belong to their father, as opposed to Abraham being their father. He states further on, that he speaks the truth and they do not believe him, that he who belongs to El, hears what El says. Yahusha` says that the reason they do not hear is that they do not belong to EL.  James Trimm obviously refuses to speak the truth and you call him a brother. Whose son does that make you?

Feel free to post this, to any and all forums, as I hope I have made myself
clear. I do not endorse any of Dr. Trimm's materials including the HRV
(though do respect some of his work). I would ask that those who have
twisted any defense of mine of James against character assassination into a
tacit endorsement of his HRV work, would have a dose of integrity and post
this on those same forums. Thank you.

Rabbi Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky

I am giving you the benefit of the doubt, giving you the opportunity to be upright before the face of YHWH in these matters and to correct the sin that you have committed. A benefit you never afforded to me. If you refuse to turn and return, to fully and publically apologize for all these lies,  on all the forums and your list, that your lies went out to, then I will be forced to take this matter to witnesses. Shalom, Kathryn Kern