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The subject of James plagiarism has been discussed at , since 7/7, post 5055. They have asked James some pretty upfront questions based on textual criticism. When James could no longer avoid answering these pointed questions, he simply left, created another forum, using the SAME name with an "s" added to the end. A few of the real Messianic_ Apologetic forum members subscribed to James' bogus one to ask their questions there. Of course James did not allow those posts to go through and did not answer. I wonder if you could consider this a FORUM plagiarism? Steven had found a post on alt. messianic, from 1993, where James stated that he was aware of the edition and the interlinear was helpful. This helped answer a question that was put forward to James, which he refused to answer - was he aware of the Way version and did he have a copy of it when he was "translating". James thought he was safe at Steve Caruso's Aramaic NT forum, to post his lies. Craig confronted him with the post that Steven found. James lied and said it was a distortion. Steven replied with a sample of James' changing statements. James replied again that Steven was making things up. The following posts are the alt.messianic post from 1993, Steven, with Craig's quotes and Trimm's so that you can see that even when Trimm is confronted with the truth, he continues to boldly lie.

alt.messianic 1993

Steven's example of Trimm's backpedaling

Trimm's bold lie