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From:  Kathryn <research@m...>
Date:  Sun Aug 10, 2003  9:45 pm
Subject:  HRV supporter

Shalom b'YHWH
I just received this email from Mr. Koniuchowsky, accusing me of being a wicked woman, on a witch hunt and having a spirit of Jezebel for warning the Messianic community about James Trimm's plagiarism - the HRV. The irony is that Mr. Koniuchowsky was the first organization that I saw, endorse the HRV and sell it from his website. It is not there now, he just has the ISR that he originally had. He did not check into it, he did not check into Trimm. In fact, Mr. Koniuchowsky was well aware of the fact that James had no doctorate, was not Jewish and had previously plagiarized. He was on my original list, as well as my having spoken directly with Mr. Mascaro, who works for Koniuchowsky. Despite any warning, he promoted this plagiarism for sale. I do not believe that YHWH appreciates James lies and plagiarism for sale, with his agenda and passing it off as the Word of YHWH, on His behalf, as Koniuchowsky claims. I could be mistaken, but I dont think so. Shalom, Kathryn

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Subject: Re: 5Truth Update
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 16:57:16 -0400
From: "Rav Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky" <>
To: "Kathryn" <>
CC: "Rabbi Edward Nydle" <>, "Tom" <>, "James Trimm" <>
References: <>

Kathryn, Don't send me anymore of your venom. You are a wicked woman. You can quote me on that. How long have you been on this witchunt? 5 years? You'll answer to Yahweh of every word of lashon hara/(evil tongue produce by an evil heart) you spread. Even if what your saying is true (YAHWEH knows) you released this once 5 years ago and then should have let it drop....But now you've shifted into hunt and kill mode! Now your hounding the man. You need help. I wouldn't want to stand in your shoes on the day of judgment before Yahshua. James only problem is he has attempted to do things for YHWH and has climbed that pole and you haven't or can't and so the higher he climbs  the more his backside is vulnerable to your wickedness. The spirit of Jezebel is a spirit that can't produce real and lasting  spiritual fruit on their own, so they seek out another mans fruit and grab it by tearing down his character. I know plenty of folks like that. They come against me as well! Sadly your one of them. get a life!. HIS!
----- Original Message -----
From: Kathryn
To: Kathryn
Sent: Friday, August 08, 2003 1:47 PM
Subject: 5Truth Update

This is an update on the Truth about James Trimm. As expected, instead of repenting of his plagiarism and other actions, James has taken to lying to defend himself again. He stated that I chose a passage that most closely resembled the Way International's text. I had simply chosen the book after Matthew, since he did Matthew from Schonfield. To prove that I had not singled a passage out, I took the first chapter of the next book, Luke, and posted that as well. As you will be able to see, Luke more closely resembles the Way translation than Mark did, proving that James lied and was grasping at straws to discredit me. You can see the Luke text at this page

On a similar note, the subject of James plagiarism has been discussed at  , since 7/7, post 5055. They have asked James some pretty upfront questions based on textual criticism. When James could no longer avoid answering these pointed questions, he simply left, created another forum, using the SAME name with an "s" added to the end. A few of the real Messianic_ Apologetic forum members subscribed to James' bogus one to ask their questions there. Of course James did not allow those posts to go through and did not answer. I wonder if you could consider this a FORUM plagiarism?

Continuing with the textual criticism theme, Andrew Gabriel Roth has written two articles refuting James Trimm's HRV. The first deals with basic Aramaic and the second deals with Crawford's Revelations, which James states he based Revelations on. These documents are in PDF so that no one needs to have the same fonts and layout is not changed. When you click on the links, please be patient while they load. It may seem that nothing is happening, but they are loading. You can view the critiques at the bottom of this page

As a result of the information that I posted concerning Don Hargis and James Trimm, David Hargis, of MBI, has dropped Don Hargis from their faculty list. Don Hargis has dropped his Saint John Chrysostom Theological Seminary site from the net altogether. You can read this change any way that you like, but if my information had been false, as James Trimm claimed, there would have been no reason for these changes. The fact that changes were made in response to my research, proves that I did not fabricate the information about Saint John Chrysostom Theological Seminary and the false doctorate of James Trimm.

A number of people, having realized that James Trimm is not qualified to translate Hebrew and Aramaic and publish a translation of the Scriptures, have tried to get refunds for their purchases. So far James has continued to be unrighteous in these matters and not give them their refunds. For any of you wishing to file a complaint and seek restitution, please contact these sources, especially the first. They are also listed at the bottom of the Trimm page.

Randy Cook at one of the following , , (817)317-3460,  P.O. Box 162929, Keller, TX 76161-2929
Randy Cook works for the United States Postal Inspectors office since mailing out the HRV, based on false advertising qualifies as mail fraud.

The Texas Attorney Generals office gave me the wrong information previously, based on a case involving a different James Trimm. This is the correct source to contact:
Greg Abbott, Attorney General of Texas, P.O. Box 12548, Austin, TX  78711

After posting Andrew Roths articles, James has now posted to his forums, forums that no one else can post to if it speaks contrary to James, a post speaking against myself and Vicky Dillen. The irony here, is that he lies and says, "Recently myself and other prominent Messianic Leaders have come under attack.These attacks have taken the form of lies, slander and Lashon HaRa. These attacks originate from two vicious women who spend most of their time attacking the leaders of Messianic Judaism."  James at no point mentions that the Messianic_Apologetics forum has been calling him on his unrighteousness and plagiarism. That they have also addressed the issue of the Hargis', that a number of men there have spoken against James continued lies and refusal to repent. He does not mention that Stan Eisenberg, who previously led Beth Yeshua in Fort Worth and leads a Messianic assembly in NJ, spoke out against James. He does not mention that Andrew Roth has spoken out against him. He does not mention that a number of forums have men speaking out against him, some of them were previous Trimm supporters. Yet James would single Vicky and myself out because we are women and knows that we are of Goy birth, to try and gain empathy from the Messianic community that it is somehow under attack from me. He reiterates the same lies and accusations, falsely accusing that I am an anti-Semite and that I support anti-Semitic writings. These old lies  were easily refuted previously and documented on my site under the initial situation section.    I am not an anti-Semite and never have been.

I have not attacked the Messianic community. I have spoken truth so that the Messianic community could be protected from the lies and marketing of  Trimm and such men.

Shalom, Kathryn

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