Saint John Chrysostom Theological Seminary

Saint John Chrysostom Theological Seminary site has been cancelled from the net as a result of the following research. Don Hargis has also been removed from the MBI Yeshiva faculty list as well. You can view the following saved page to verify. This verifies that I was not lying in my information.

Revised MBI Yeshiva Faculty


Recently someone posted a link on James Trimm's Nazarene Judaism forum, May 11th, stating,
"This is to inform Dr. James Trimm that Saint John Chrysostom
Theological Seminary has information on the internet: Presently it is only one
page. Over the next few weeks a full set of documents will be
available on the internet that valids its existence, though it had
it Certificate of Incorporation Revoked for non-use/non-payment in
June 2002.

I believe Dr. Trimm had received some disparaging comments from
inexperienced and disgruntled investigators who could not locate the
Seminary in New Mexico records...probably because it is erroneously
recorded as St John Chrysostom Theological Seminary (St = Saint)..."

unjs777 full email

What is interesting about this post is that unjs777 is James Trimm. Here he is being his own confirmation again. James Trimm began the organization UNJS, the Union of Nazarene Jewish Synagogues, to rival the MJAA and UMJC. unjs777 is the email that James and or others use when posting to the sanj-update forum. Below is a post from the sanj-update forum with James Trimm signed at the bottom. The main page to the UNJS is also listed with the same email address as unjs. Lastly, proof that James Trimm is the owner of the UNJS.

unjs777/James Trimm post

UNJS page

UNJS proof of ownership

Of course I was interested when a friend sent the emil giving the link to the Saint John page, as well as the links to pages I had seen before when I was investigating Don Hargis the first time and the information was confirmed. What is even more interesting to me is the fact that that post, as well as a couple that followed, were deleted from the forum. If you go to the above mentioned page, as I did, this is the page you will see.

Saint John main page

The seminary name is in the crest.

Now let us follow the trail to discover the truth. If you look to the left side of the main page, you will see The Seminary for Advanced Theological Studies. Clicking on this link will take you to this page:

Main address

This page has an address for the administrative offices listed as 6731 Bridge Street, Suite 211, Fort Worth, Texas 76112

Address 1 Another site that has that same address is

Address 2 Hargis Technologies

All 3 addresses are those of Don Hargis. In case you are not aware, Don Bryant Hargis of MBI is the Bishop Don DeCordova of Saint John Chrysostom Theological Seminary, who issued a false doctorate to James Trimm.



Another point in this website is on the faculty page,

St. John faculty

This is very reminiscent of the faculty incidents at MBI and MWHU that I found. Here Don Bryant De Cordova is president. Dom Jerome Joachim is listed as the Professor of Canon Law and Liturgics. The problem here is that Don Jerome Joachim is dead and has been since 1997. This is the same guy that was one of the signatures on James Trimm's false doctorate. Below is a copy of the Ladd lineage at CACINA website. If you scroll to the bottom, you will see that Francis Jerome Joachim Ladd was consecrated in 1974, just as Hargis has listed on his faculty page. He was born in 1928 and died 1997. Kind of hard to be an active member of a faculty when you have been deceased for about 6 years.

Jerome Joachim

But this is not the only dead faculty member that St. John's has. MBI had Marian Hargis, the mother of Don and David, who had been dead as a faculty member of their MBI yeshiva. She was also a member of the Mountain West Hebrew University, before they had to pull it off the net for breaking Utah state laws.

Marian Bryant Hargis, also called Miryam B'rit Hargis, died 12/24/1999. She was still listed as a live member of MBI Yeshiva when I wrote about the connection to James Trimm's yeshiva.

MWHU faculty

MBI has removed their mother from the faculty list, but it appears that Don has resurrected his mother for his Saint John Chrysostom Theological Seminary under the Erasmus College of Fellows. You will notice that David Hargis, president of MBI and Don's brother, is also listed. And this is the site being put up to validate James Trimm's false credentials.