Mountain West Hebrew University

1/01   The following url links to Mountain West Hebrew University, no longer work. Dr. Don Carpenter, the head of the Dept. of Higher Education in Utah, has informed me that after their investigation into the online university, which was not liscensed to issue degrees of any sort, was not accedited and did not have any religious exemption, that Preston Ivan Lewis said that the university was not really functioning and that they would be taking the site down. When you click on the links, a message indicates that the site has either moved, or been removed.

MWHU   Main page

This is the other online yeshiva, which had parallel faculty to that of the MBI Yeshiva.

 Mountain West Hebrew University Faculty

 MBI Yeshiva Faculty

Now on the faculty page, not only did you see David and Don Hargis, but you saw Miryam B'rit-Hargis
(Marian Hargis, the daughter of  Clinton and Jessie Bryant) , Linda Hargis, wife of David Hargis.
There are a number of faculty that are at both.
David Hargis
Don Hargis
Linda Hargis
Michael B. Humphrey
Yosef Kolner
Walter N. Thorpe

Miryam B'rit-Hargis had died in Dec. of 1999, yet was still listed as faculty on both the MBI Yeshiva and the MWHU faculty.

Miryam, David, and Linda, all have degrees from Lael University. Several of the others have "degrees"
from MBI.

Another notable point of these two sites, are the required books for the courses. There are a number of
books, required for courses, which students have to purchase, that are by the faculty members. So not only do they they charge you for courses, that you will not have legitimate degrees for, but they are making you
purchase books that they have written, for the classes. This is defrauding believers.