The Board and Faculty of Mountain West Hebrew University create curricula and bibliography, establish academic criteria, write and grade examinations, instruct and assist students, and post grades.

Alphabetical List

  • Miryam B'rit-Hargis, Th.D. / Professor Emeritas of Bible and Theology / Diploma: Central Bible Institute, Certificate: Christ for the Nations, Master of Theology: Lael University, Doctor of Theology: Lael University / Over fifty years of ministry, Licensed with the Assemblies of God
  • Ellen Campbell, R.N., B.S. / Instructor of Practical Studies / Associate in Nursing: Mott Community College, Bachelor of Science: University of Michigan / 20 years in the field of nursing, 15 years in health education
  • David M. Hargis, Ph.D. President of MBI Yeshiva / Professor of Hebrew and Theology / Bachelor of Arts in Bible: Central Bible College, Master of Theology: Lael University, Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Communications: International Seminary and Bible College / Ordained to ministry 1973, Ordained Messianic Jewish Rabbi 1991, President of Messianic Bureau International
  • Don B. Hargis, S.T.D. an Elder of the Yeshiva / Professor of Theology / Bachelor of Arts in Comparative and Historical Religions and Linguistics: Southern Methodist University, Master of Theology: National Christian University, Doctor of Sacred Theology: St. Johns Theological Seminary / Twenty years of ministry, Director with the Aramaic Bible Society
  • Linda G. Hargis, M.A., Doctoral Candidate Academic Dean of the MBI Yeshiva / Associate Professor of Practical Studies / Bachelor of Arts: Lael University; Master of Arts in Education: Regent University; PhD in Organizational Leadership program: Regent University  / Twenty-eight years of ministry, Eight years of Messianic ministry, Registrar of Regent University (Virginia Beach, VA)
  • Michael B. Humphrey, J.D. , M.Rb. an Elder of the MBI Yeshiva / Associate Professor of Bible / Bachelor of Science, Master of Taxation, Juris Doctor: University of Akron; Master of Rabbinic Studies: MBI Yeshiva / Ordained Messianic Jewish Rabbi of Beth Messiah, Canton, Ohio
  • Yosef Koelner, an Elder of MBI Yeshiva / Assistant Professor of Theology / Director of TAK Yeshiva, branch of MBI Yeshiva / Messianic Jewish Rabbi of Temple Aron HaKodesh, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Ivan Lewis, PhD / President of Mountain West Hebrew University / Professor of Talmudic Studies / Doctor of Philosophy in Hebrew and Semitic Studies - London School of Religion and Philosophy / Magna Cum Laude
  • Kalila Gavriella Sams, M.M.S. / Assistant Professor of Bible / Bible studies: Cedarville College, Wheaton College; Bachelor of Science in Education: Ashland College; Communication studies: Regent University; Master of Messianic Studies: MBI Yeshiva / Six years of Messianic ministry
  • Bradford Scott / First Councilor and Instructor at Mountain West Hebrew University / Asst Professor of Messianic Studies / Licensed and Ordained FourSquare Minister / Seventeen years in Hebrew / Messianic Ministry / Messianic Conference Speaker / Founder and Director of WildBranch Ministry
  • Walter N. Thorpe, M.A. an Elder of the MBI Yeshiva / Assistant Professor of Theology / Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Master of Arts in Administration, US Air Force Major (Retired).
  • Others pending (Watch For Updates)