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Welcome to the premiere Hebrew University in the Intermountain West. We specialize in teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ from the perspective of Hebrew culture, language, and context. Explore, Understand, and Apply the Hebraic roots of Christianity to your faith and life.

Learn the truths of scripture from the Hebraic perspective! Here is a sample of the questions we answer from the teachings of the Bible:

  • How do we relate to the Law of Moses today?
  • What about the Hebrew metaphors and idioms of Jesus and Paul?
  • What do the parables really mean?
  • How are we to pray?
  • How are we to worship God?
  • What does it mean to love my neighbor?
  • Women in ministry? What are the rules?

    Understand The Jewishness of Jesus

    Is your goal an Associates, Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate?

    Do you need training as a Rabbi, Pastor, Leader or Teacher?


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