MBI Yeshiva Faculty

                PO Box 64061 Virginia Beach, VA 23467 | 757-479-4924 | mail@mbiyeshiva.edu | ICQ# 73632064
                                                            President's Greeting


                   Dr. David Hargis, President
                   Mrs. Linda C. Hargis, MEd, Academic Dean
                   MMin. Bruce Farr, Director of Development
                   Mrs. Joanna Nelson, Office Secretary

              The faculty of Messianic Bible Institute-Yeshiva create curricula and bibliography, establish
              academic criteria, write and grade examinations, instruct and assist students, and post grades.

              Faculty Alphabetical List

                   Don Doherty, BMS / Instructor / Bachelor of Messianic Studies, MBI Yeshiva / Shammash for
                   eight years, Mishkan HaMelech Congregation

                   David M. Hargis, Ph.D. President of the Yeshiva / Professor of Hebrew and Theology /
                   Bachelor of Arts in Bible: Central Bible College, Master of Theology: Lael University, Doctor of
                   Philosophy in Biblical Communications: International Seminary and Bible College / Ordained
                   to ministry 1973, Ordained Messianic Jewish Rabbi 1991, President of Messianic Bureau

                   Don B. Hargis, S.T.D. / Professor of Theology / Bachelor of Arts in Comparative and Historical
                   Religions and Linguistics: Southern Methodist University, Master of Theology: National
                   Christian University, Doctor of Sacred Theology: St. Johns Theological Seminary / Twenty years
                   of ministry, Director with the Aramaic Bible Society

                   Linda G. Hargis, M.A., Doctoral Candidate Academic Dean of the Yeshiva / Associate
                   Professor  of Practical Studies / Bachelor of Arts: Lael University; Master of Arts in Education:
                   Regent University; PhD in Organizational Leadership program: Regent University  /
                   Twenty-eight years of ministry, Eight years of Messianic ministry, Registrar of Regent
                   University  (Virginia Beach, VA)

                   Michael B. Humphrey, J.D. , M.Rb. / Associate Professor of Bible / Bachelor of Science, Master
                   of Taxation, Juris Doctor: University of Akron; Master of Rabbinic Studies: MBI Yeshiva /
                   Ordained Messianic Jewish Rabbi of Beth Messiah, Canton, Ohio

                   Yosef Koelner, Assistant Professor of Theology / Director of TAK Yeshiva, branch of MBI
                   Yeshiva / Messianic Jewish Rabbi of Temple Aron HaKodesh, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

                   Walter N. Thorpe, M.A. / Assistant Professor of Theology / Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and
                   Master of Arts in Administration, US Air Force Major (Retired).