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Kathryn QannaYahu (the mamasita) is primarily a researcher, the subjects of which are as diverse as her passions.These passions include archaeology and ancient history; wildlife, habitat conservation and paleo skills, naturalist hunting and fishing; art (primarily textiles, but also gourds, metal and wood); herbalism, permaculture gardening and sustainable living practices; as well as website design. She in a very intense researcher of Semitic and Indo-European linguistics, ancient scripts, comparative and paleo belief systems, archaeoastronomy, archaeology, and ancient history. Kathryn is the founder, designer and writer for the research website and Historical Baggage Blog and War On Montana's Wildlife & Environment blog. Her first research book, Worthless Deities in the Hebrew Text, was published online at the Lebtahor site.

*You don't know how hard it was to come up with some respectable pictures. Normally I am talking, laughing hard or making faces when pictures are taken.

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Passionate, testosterone heavy, problem solver - out to evolve this soul as much as possible as one lifetime can handle.

She is an artist in love with stone and a healer in love with love. She dances as a rule, eats everything not genetically modified and does in fact sing in the car.

She wants to thank Thomas Paine, Hafiz, Rumi, Rabia, Daniel Ladinsky, Ayn Rand, Ranga, Many, Alice and Kathryn and the whole Being that is my connection to all life. "Divine inspiration is so much fun, if at all time challenging. Leave it to the perfect Teacher to make you learn it all with only nudges, hints and all the love you could possibly want."