The following is a list of James Trimm's unrighteous behavior, the proof of which is documented on the following pages of the Truth About James Trimm.



Fabricated Origins


Trimm states the Nazarenes (N'tzarim) were the first believers in Y'shua, and they also were a Jewish sect.  He sites verses from Acts 11:19 and 24:5.  Acts 11:19 has nothing to do with "Nazarenes". 24:5,  "For we have found this man to be a destroyer, and an exciter of agitation among all the Jahudiy, and in all the land: for he is a chief of the doctrine of the Natsoriy, and he willed to pollute our temple; and having apprehended him." This statement was made by Tertullus, a lawyer hired by the Yahudiym, to make their case against Shaul, when he was being tried before governor Felix. Tertullus is the first to call the believers Nazarenes. Mind you, he is a prosecutor in trying Shaul. At no time does Shaul ever call himself a Nazarene or the believers Nazarenes. Neither do any of the followers of Yahusha' or Yahusha' himself. In fact, in  the book of Acts, 5 times, Shaul calls the believers or the belief,  The Way  [derek](19:9, 23; 22:4; 24:14,22).   Trimm's basis for his Nazarene theory comes from two early church father quotes.  The first a quote by  Jerome, who lived from the mid to late 4th century.  His other quotes come from Epiphanius, also from the mid to late 4th century. Quite a long time after the original events to get an accurate statement about a "sect", but then Trimm is not known for accuracy.


Jewish Identity


James states, "Nazarene Judaism maintains a belief in Y'shua as the Messiah. We do not leave the Jewish identity,   heritage and culture to 'convert' to a new or foreign religion." First, James is not Jewish. In fact  the original "Beit Din" of SANJ was composed of James Trimm, not Jewish but posing as Jewish. Michael Detwiler, also not Jewish though he claimed to be. He paid and received a false conversion by a Rabbi that was not even recognized as a Rabbi by any sect of Judaism. The man is notorious for giving false conversions for a fee. He has "converted" others that are claiming to be Jewish and calling themselves Rabbi's. Yaakov (James) Hartley, also not Jewish, but posed as Jewish and was the first to leave SANJ when I first started investigating and reporting on it. Steve Heiliczer, Jewish. Eric Sandquist, not Jewish and Michael Calpino, not Jewish, but he never claimed to be. Not only were the bulk of them not Jewish, but the frightening thing was they were posing as Jewish. Yet he has the gall to say that "We do not leave the Jewish identity." 


New  Religion


Then he compounds it by saying that they are not converting to a new or foreign religion. James has created a religion where one did not exist. He has placed characteristics on the "Nazarenes" that were not there or attributed by those who were. He most certainly has created a new religion.  He states, "Nazarene Judaism is a spiritual Renaissance." Renaissance means a rebirth. I don't see where it was born in the first place and from all that Trimm lists of what they believe, it is more of spiritual syncretism than anything.




James makes the ironic statement,  "Nazarenes refrain from calling themselves Christians. The first use of the term Christian was in Antioch, among the first Gentile followers of Y'shua (Acts 11:26) to describe the Gentile followers of Y'shua."  What is ironic is that he disassociates with a term that was a derogatory term for the believers by outsiders. It does not say that it is a term they called themselves. Now, if Shaul never called himself a Nazarene, nor a Christian, neither is Barnabas recorded as doing such, why would they tell those who were believing in YHWH and His son, Yahusha' that they were to call themselves Christians? They would not. Therefore it stands to reason, that the term originated on the outside, not the inside. The next time that  Acts records the use, it is in the mouth of  King Agrippa, not a believer in YHWH. Acts 26:28, "And Agrippa said to Paul, 'Do you persuade me to become a Christianon  in but  a little time?' "  Does Shaul say yes? No. Acts 26:29,  "And Paul said, 'I would pray to Theo, both in a little and in much, not only you, but also these hearing me today to become as I am, except for these bonds.' " Shaul does not use the term Christianos at all. The last time that it is used is in I Peter 4:16. The verse is stating that no one should suffer as a murderer, or a thief or an evildoer or a meddler in others affairs. The next verse states,  " 'But if he suffers as a Christianos, do not let him be ashamed, but honor Theo in this respect.' "  The whole passage is about persecution and also speaks of the suffering of Mashiyach who was also called abusive names. Stating that they were going to be reviled because of Mashiyach (Christ),  they are going to suffer persecution,  they will be reviled in the name of Christ and they should count it as a blessing. It was a derogatory term. 




The farthest back that I can find, the term Yahwist is an English derivative of the German term "Jahwist". It was used by 19th century writers who theorized that the books of Mosheh were written by 4 different types of writers, Yahwist, Elohist, Priestly and Deuteronomist, only they used Jahwist, being German of course.  The Yahwist writers are those who supposedly did not use any form of El/Elohey/Elohiym, in the place of the name YHWH. Scholars, dealing with the Documentary Hypothesis, are the more dominant users of the term Yahwist. More recently, certain people associated and adopted the term to apply to themselves for using the name YHWH, rather than a substitute. I cannot find any substantiation for the term being used of any early group of believers. Despite this, Trimm uses the term, almost synonymously for that of Nazarene, to denote any early believing group that he chooses to label such, despite the fact that the earliest writers did not.




James is fond of determining what he feels is the best, the oldest, the original, the ultimate of any subject that he is discussing. Then, of course, he applies whatever is best, to himself. If the oldest group of believers is designated Nazarene, then he is determined to resurrect this group. Not only to resurrect it, but he built  a Nazarene Beit Din, based on Judaism's use of a Beit Din. Then he appointed himself as Nasi - Prince of this created Beit Din. All of his adoptions are based on those that are of Jewish origins, because James is so fond of quoting that everything from the tribe of Judah is the biggest and the best, therefore, he had to be Jewish as well. Yet, James is not Jewish, but continues to deceive others that he is. The Greek translation of the NT was not good enough, seeing that there were others beginning to tap into the Aramaic origins of the NT. So James had to be, not just knowledgeable in Aramaic, but also have a doctorate in it as well and be an expert in it, despite the fact that he did not graduate High School, but later received a GED and never went to college, much less have a bachelors or a masters from any university before he got this supposed doctorate from an illegal diploma mill. He even set up his own online yeshiva (another Jewish adoption), of course, he is the "Rosh" of that too.  When James was on the Book of Mormon sites that he created, he listed himself as a Rabbi. This is not just a matter of having to be superior to others but also a matter that James will not submit himself to anyone else's authority, including his own created Beit Din. Before their resignation, members of his Beit Din, told me that they had instructed James to make apologies and such, yet James refused to submit to correction of any sort. The man is a law unto himself.




A sect is defined as a body of persons adhering to a particular religious faith; a religious denomination. Also, Any group or faction united by a specific doctrine or under a doctrinal leader. This is what James is all about, taking something that the Scriptures clearly speak of as wholeness, echad ( unity ), a oneness in one beyth, the Beyth YHWH, with YHWH as the authority and splintering it. James "resurrects" a supposed sect of the earliest believers in Yahusha'. He created a doctrine to go with this sect and he set himself up as  a leader of it. He does not try to bring about unity with other believers, but constantly sets up limits as to why others are excluded. He has insulted others for not being Jewish, while lying that he is. He has insulted others for not being "Yahwists", implying that he is ever so righteous for using the name YHWH, regardless of the fact that his behavior causes him to bear the name YHWH for nothingness and he uses the name as a club to bash those that don't use it. He has chosen certain aspects of Judaism and insults those that do not hold to idea of Talmud  being equal to Thorah. He insists that Yahusha' was Pharisaic and therefore he is too and those that are not, are of course, lesser.  James does not even deny, but boldly proclaims that he is trying to reconstruct the "ancient sect of  Nazarene Judaism." Not wholeness, not shalom, not unity in YHWH, but sectarianism.




There is a saying that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Many who have studied the reasons of those that get into any form of mysticism, have deduced that one of the main reasons is a desire for power. The power to control your life, those around you, your future, etc. Trimm firmly believes in the Jewish form of mysticism called Qabbalah. Qabbalah is defined in "A Comprehensive Etymological Dictionary of the Hebrew Language", by Ernest Klein, as Post Biblical Hebrew meaning receiving, accepting. He further defines that it was not until the times of Mishnaic Hebrew that Qabbalah became known as Jewish mysticism. Trimm not only believes in Qabbalah, but has a website dedicated to it, . He has also written a book, which he sells on his SANJ site called, "The Middle Pillar: A Jewish Perspective on the Godhead."  This is also one of the subjects "studied" at Trimm's "yeshiva".  While Qabbalah is too large of a subject to cover in just a paragraph,  I want to list some of the components of Qabbalah. Encyclopedia Judaica lists cosmology, angelology, and magic, magical elements, secrets of names, numerology, magical incantations, demonology, pantheism, transmigration of the soul, ecstasy,  magic of letter combinations, amulets and charms, alchemy,  astrology, etc. All Qabbalah is, is a substitute for a real relationship with YHWH, which they cannot achieve without a pure heart. They say they are seeking YHWH, but all they are doing is building a tower to the heavens under the name Qabbalah. They will no more reach YHWH with Qabbalah, than those at Babel did. The result is simply confusion of a spiritual nature. Looking up Kabbalah on the net, you see quite a number of Trimm's supporters with pages on Qabbalism, all due to the deceptive promoting of James Trimm, who has led these souls down a false path.  In Timothy 6:20, 21, " 'Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to your care. Turn away from godless chatter and the opposing ideas of what is falsely called knowledge, which some have professed and in so doing have wandered from the faith.' "




James Trimm writes numerous articles, forum posts, books and such. The net is littered with his work. In all of his writings, a common pattern soon becomes quite obvious to anyone checking his quotes and references, on the small amount of writings even bearing references. The pattern is that James Trimm constantly misquotes. He picks and chooses parts of verses, peoples quotes, and authors quotes ( yes authors are people too). He does this because if he were to quote an entire sentence or passage, the context would obviously be different than what he is trying to promote. James is banking on the fact that no one will check him out. Many of those following him, do not even realize how deceptive and manipulative he is. They accept him at face value, taking him to be a Jew, who has a doctorate, is a rabbi, leader of a Beit Din and yeshiva, who is an Aramaic and Hebrew expert. Research has proven otherwise, as well as the fact that the only thing he might be a master of is word manipulation. Truth is a foreign language to Trimm. Responsibility in writing is obviously not a concern of his because it does not evidence itself in his writings. He must not take the warning in James 3:1 too seriously,  because he teaches deception on a regular basis, without fear of YHWH.




In all of James writings, two other patters become evident, that of borrowing, or as I like to term it, Plagiarism; and that of syncretism. James likes to copy other writers works and say that he wrote it or he translated it. Again, evidence has shown that James is not too terribly original. On the book of Mormon forums, James sought to get a copy of the Book of Mormon, where the copyright was expired, change the church terms to Semitic ones and sell the book as a Semitic Book of Mormon. He solicited funds and names for the book, when I exposed that he was Rabbi Yosef and his Book of Mormon ties. James had been saying that he was translating the Peshitta. His updates of Aramaic examples that he had translated were nothing but plagiarisms of authors on the Semitic NT. He even wrote on one forum that he had copies of John Wesley Etheridge's translation of the Peshitta, as well as James Murdock's, both, the copyright was not active. I suspected this was the foundation for his translation of the Peshitta, but recently found the base text that he did plagiarize. The base text is the translation of the Peshitta by The Way International. His so called translation of Matthew was a plagiarism of Hugh Schonfield's with the church terms changed to Semitic ones. After seeing that James had written on David Koresh's writings on the seals, years ago, and someone well versed on Koresh's writings mentioned a similarity in a post by James on the seals, I am curious if I delve into that subject, am I going to find that James plagiarized David Koresh as well.





Since I had first written this outline, James has stepped from what I would call a self made sect, to what I now believe should be termed a cult. James Trimm has now likened himself to a prophet, requesting tithes be sent to him because he is a Torah teacher and has even stated that the Nazarenes, his Nazarenes, are the 144,000 in Revelations.


In light of all the previous information, I feel that James is not only a danger to Messianic Judaism, but to any seeking to understand the what this relationship with YHWH and His son is all about. Those not feeling comfortable with Christianity, yet feeling a drawing to Hebraic roots are very susceptible. Since I do not find the majority of his followers to be of Jewish origins, hence all the false conversions and out right lies of being Jewish, I feel that the greatest threat is not to Messianic Judaism, as representing Jews of a Messianic faith, but those that are not Jewish, those that should be grafted in, and are just learning of the Hebraic roots of their faith, only to stumble on Trimm's site or the copy cats sites of his followers, trying to convert them to his form of perversion. His followers are very aggressive and becoming more prolific since the Messianic community has not taken a united stand to expose and refute Trimm and his teachings. All it takes for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing. Trimm will not disappear by inaction, but by truth being aggressively spoken against all his lies and deceptions. "It is written..."