When installing a font, you need to click on the bar. A "save as" window will open up. Save the font to your desktop. After the font is saved, right click on your start button, click on "explore". The explore window will open up. On the left pane, you need to scroll down until you see the "Windows" folder, click to open it and you will see the "font" folder. Now scroll up and click open the "Desktop" folder. The contents of your desktop will open on the right pane. Find the font you downloaded and drag it into the windows "font" folder. This will install the font and you will be able to view that selected font, as well as write with it.



Copperplate Gothic Condensed BT is the font used for quoting the scriptures. It has only one case, thus simulating the caseless Hebrew. By eliminating case, there is no translator emphasis put on any of the text.


This font is Drogolin. In quoting Hebrew, I do not use vowel points. The earliest Hebrew did not have vowel points and reflects a system that was developed after the second century CE [Common Era].


This is the Windows supplied Greek font. I have made it available for those that do not have it in their font folder. I do not have much that is in the Greek, but what is, may be important.