Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board letter to SANJ

Mr. James S. Trimm
Beit Netzarim Yeshiva
Society for the Advancement of Nazarene Judaism
Box 471
Hurst, Texas  76053

Dear Mr. Trimm:

     It has come to our attention that the Beit Netzarim Yeshiva is operating in
Hurst, Texas and is granting degrees, offering to grant degrees, and granting
credits alleged to be applicable to degrees. The Texas Education Code, Chapter
61, Subchapter G, provides that to grant degrees in the state, an institution must
either have a certificate of authority from the Coordinating Board or be exempt from
the law by being accredited by a recognized agency. A review of our records
indicates that Beit Netzarim Yeshiva has not been issued a certificate of authority
and is not accredited by an agency recognized by the Texas Higher Education
Coordinating Board.

     Please be advised that violation of this law can subject an institution to
administrative fines ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 for awarding or offering to
award degrees. Each degree awarded or offered constitutes a separate offense.
In addition, the Coordinating Board may seek injunctive relief against you.

     This letter is intended to provide you with the opportunity to remedy your
actions which are in violation of the state law. Please contact us in writing within
fifteen days of your receipt of this letter to detail your plans to remedy these
violations. At minimum, please describe how you will: (1) immediately cease
awarding or offering to award degrees; (2) immediately cease offering credit
towards degrees; (3) by letter inform your graduates, students, and potential
students that you have no degree granting authority; and (4) by letter offer full
refunds of all tuition, fees, and other monies paid by your graduates and students.
The content of the letter informing your students of your status and the offer of
distribution. Failure to remedy the actions could result in the issuance of
administrative fines and referral of this case to the Texas Attorney General's Office
for injuctive relief.

     Enclosed is a copy of the Coordinating Board rules implementing the law. If
eligible, you may apply for a certificate of authority to grant degrees in Texas.
However, an application will not substitute for your implementing the remedies listed

This letter was signed by Don W. Brown