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Those of you who have enrolled in any of the semesters of the Beit Netzarim Yeshiva, for the purpose of earning the Masters, the Doctorate or the Rabbinate, you are being defrauded by SANJ. The Beit Netzarim Yeshiva is not licensed by the State of Texas to issue degrees of any kind and were doing so illegally. Any Masters, Doctorate or Rabbinate is worthless. I strongly suggest you see about getting your money back and enroll in a licensed program. James Trimm is the President of SANJ, Michael Detwiler is Vice-President, Eric Sandquist is the Secretary and as far as I know, James is the Treasurer.

 E-mail from David Linkletter, Texas Higher Education Coordination Board

According to David Linkletter, who saw the site, after the disclaimer was added to the bottom of the main page for the Yeshiva, stating, "The Beit Netzarim Yeshiva operates under the approbation of the International Nazarene Beit Din.  This Yeshiva is not under any form of government licensure or accreditation.", it does not matter if they have a disclaimer.  "If degrees have been issued by this institution, they would have been issued in violation of Texas law." To do so without a license is illegal, whether or not you have a disclaimer. Those people that paid for the first two semesters without knowing this, have been defrauded. For those that didnt care about the degree, but just wanted the courses, that is fine, so long as they knew that it was not legitimate. But to lead someone to believe, which SANJ has done until now, that the Masters, Doctorate or Rabbinate would be authentic, is fraudulent.

I made several calls to Orthodox Rabbis and organizations. In order to offer Rabbinates, you would have to petition the Rabbinical College in New York. You would have to have 100 signatures from Rabbis around the world, agreeing that you are qualified to offer Rabbinates. Without that, a person does not have the authority to offer a Rabbinate. With the authority of the Rabbinical College, you still have to be licensed from the respective state to offer degrees. A Rabbinate is a degree from a Rabbinical College or Yeshiva.

S'mikhah can only be given if James or one of the other "faculty" members were to receive s'mikhah from a legitimate Rabbi, who also had s'mikhah. It is a Rabbinical Jewish ordination. I would like to see the proof of James Trimm's s'mikhah and what "Rabbi" gave it to him.

James Trimm sent e-mails stating that he did not have to be licensed by the state to issue degrees. This is not correct. He sited two articles, which dealt with freedom to asseble, not to issue degrees, which comes under the jurisdiction of the Department of Education. The Supreme Court has declared that the granting of degrees is a secular award.

 Texas Code of Education

 The Higher Education Coordinating Board Rules and Regulations

The Society for the Advancement of Nazarene Judaism was in violation of Texas law, in offering and issuing any degrees without a Texas state license to do so. This is not a matter of a police state, but a matter of protection of the individuals to be issued a genuine degree, that will be accepted and respected by others, whether employers, scholars, etc.

 Letter from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to James Trimm

This letter states that the Beit Netzarim Yeshiva, is in violation of Texas law, to grant degrees, without proper authority. They require James Trimm to remedy his actions, and at a minimum to do the following: "(1) immediately cease awarding or offering to award degrees; (2) immediately cease offering credit
towards degrees; (3) by letter inform your graduates, students, and potential students that you have no degree granting authority; and (4) by letter offer full refunds of all tuition, fees, and other monies paid by your graduates and students. The content of the letter informing your students of your status and the offer of distribution. Failure to remedy the actions could result in the issuance of administrative fines and referral of this case to the Texas Attorney General's Office for injuctive relief."


The 15 days mentioned in the letter ended on 9-21-2000. In case James did not send out his letter to the students or words it in such a way, that the students are not aware that they are eligible for a full refund for tuition, fees and other monies paid by graduates and students, please be advised that students and graduates are eligible for this. If any of you contact James Trimm for the refunds and he does not give them, please contact  David Linkletter directly at (512) 427-6225, or e-mail him at

James stated that he might merge with MBI or send his students there and become a faculty member at MBI Yeshiva. In any case, this will only add to what I first stated about MBI Yeshiva, concerning their false accreditation; lack of real credintials of their faculty; and standards of the education offered; as well as their involvement with another illegal, online diploma mill, the Mountain West Hebrew University; and involvement of Don Hargis/Bishop Don De Cordova and his illegal St. John Chrysostom Theological Seminary, that MBI Yeshiva is a diploma mill, whose degrees will amount to nothing outside their organization.

Sanj Yeshiva and MBI yeshiva agreement