Tahorah Explanation

Subject: Re: Forums
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2000 23:51:46 -0500
From: purnhrt <purnhrt@flash.net>
To: Grafted-In Ministries <graftedin@saintmail.net>
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Shalom b'YHWH
Bill and Jo Kuhlmeyer, The e-mail address tahorah@netscape.com, is not a new address. When I first tried
to post the Rabbi Yosef evidence to the nazarene forum, who asked for it, under my sons address of
unibrow@flash.net, my post did not go through. So I got an e-mail address from netscape and tried again.
Again James did not allow the post to go through. Since I was registered at egroups under that address,
every egroups forum that I subscribed to was under that name. I have not posted before, to any of them,
except the Mormon one that James participates at. I was merely observing. In fact I never hid that e-mail
address. I listed it in my first mailings, explaining how I was an accepted member of the nazarene forum,
in order to post. I even have it on my website that I registered for that address and what it was and show
my attempted post, using that address, on July 5th. I never hid anything.

As I stated in my post to IsraeLight, I was not desiring to see a war break out and therefore would not
answer any posts as a result. But I felt that in light of the fact that James has advertised his yeshiva on
there, several times and then someone mentioned that they were a student, that these people had a right
to know the situation with the yeshiva, that it was not legal, licensed or accredited and that if they chose,
they were eligible for a refund. My desire was to see people protected from fraud, not to stir up trouble.
Had I been a troublemaker, I would have posted about James right after subscribing. I have been a
member of your forum for about 2 months and never posted.

I understand your position and will honor it. I have no intention of resubscribing to cause you problems.
As I stated, my desire was to see people protected, who would be investing time and money in an
education, that they not be defrauded. Shalom, Kathryn

YHWH bless you and guard you. YHWH make His face to shine upon you and show you favor. YHWH
lift up His face upon you and give you shalom.