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From:  James Trimm <jstrimm@n...>
Date:  Thu Oct 23, 2003  3:15 am
Subject:  Messianic Study Bible

Hebraic Roots Version
Messianic Study Bible

James S. Trimm has done a masterful job with his translation…
We heartily recommend it to our readers.

-Rick Chaimberlin
(Petah Tikvah Magazine
Vol. 19; No. 4; pp. 24-25)

(The book is complete and we are just waiting on the printing and publication process.  We are awaiting word from the printer and will be posting more info on the publication date soon.)

This is the new Messianic Bible everyone has been talking about.
(The HRV New Testament was published alone three years ago but is out of print and being replaced by the soon-to-be-released HRV Complete Study Bible)

NEW INFORMATION:  As publication approaches we are releasing more information on the HRV Complete Bible. 
The HRV Complete Bible will be the first complete Messianic Study Bible, including 20 pages of STUDY AIDS (Charts, Diagrams, Maps etc.).

Fifty Page Introduction

        The introduction [alone] is almost worth the cost of …
        [the HRV] New Testament… it contains a wealth of
        useful information. 
        (Petah Tikvah Magazine Vol. 19; No. 4; pp. 24-25)

The introduction to the HRV is almost a book in itself.  This introduction is an expansion of the introduction to the HRV New Testament.  The introduction documents the Hebrew and Aramaic origin of the “New Testament” books, explains the Hebrew and Aramaic source texts and where they are located today.The introduction also documents the original manuscript order of the “New Testament” books.  The HRV introduction also explains the various witnesses to the text of the Tanak (“Old Testament”) including the Masoretic Text, the Samaritan Pentateuch, Dead Sea Scrolls, Peshitta Aramaic Tanak, Aramaic Targums and Greek LXX.  The introduction also documents the Massorah (marginal notes to the Masoretic Text manuscripts) which indicate scribal revisions in the text such as 134 places where these marginal notes indicate the scribes revised YHWH to ADONAI. 

Table of Torah and Haftorah readings.

A table of the 54 weekly Torah and Haftorah readings which are read in the synagogues each week over the period of a year.

Thousands of Footnotes

        [the HRV] is very generous with footnotes…
        [these] footnotes give insights on passages which
        are difficult or almost nonsensical when translated
        from Greek, but make sense when translated from
        Hebrew or Aramaic, …
        (Petah Tikvah Magazine Vol. 19; No. 4; pp. 24-25)

The HRV contains thousands of footnotes.  In the Tanak portion these footnotes indicate alternate readings from various witnesses including the alternate readings given in the Masorah (marginal notes to the Masoretic Text) such as the 134 places where the Masorah indicates the scribes had revised YHWH to ADONAI.  In the NT portion the HRV footnotes indicate places where the NT has quoted or cited the Tanak, alternate readings from various versions including marginal notes to some Greek manuscripts referring to alternate readings found in the Judaikon (Jewish Version).  These footnotes also indicate places where the Greek translator appears to have misunderstood an ambiguous Hebrew/Aramaic word, or misread a word as another word of similar appearance, and wordplays in the Hebrew or Aramaic. 

The HRV Tanak Portion

The “Old Testament” portion is called the “Tanak”.  This portion of the HRV is a Messianic Sacred Name translation from the original Hebrew and Aramaic (some small portions of the Tanak, such as a large portion of Daniel, are Aramaic).  The books of the Tanak are in the original manuscript order and divided into three sections:  The Torah (Law); The Nevi’im (Prophets); The Ketuvim (Writings).

The HRV Ketuvim Netzarim Portion

        James S. Trimm has done a masterful job with his translation
        of the New Testament… it is the first modern “Jewish” New Testament
        which is based almost entirely on Aramaic texts of the New Testament,
        except for Matthew, which he translates from Hebrew… We heartily
        recommend it to our readers.
        (Petah Tikvah Magazine Vol. 19; No. 4; pp. 24-25)

The “New Testament” portion is titled “The Ketuvim Netzarim” (“Writings of the Nazarenes”) and is also a Messianic Sacred Name Edition and is translated from the original Hebrew and Aramaic.  The NT books are also in the original manuscript order (4Gospels; Acts; James, 1&2 Peter; 1,2 & 3 John, Jude; Pauline Epistles; Revelation) but the titles of the books are their Hebraic names.  The HRV also divides the books into two sections The B'sorah (Goodnews) and The Sh'lukhim (Emissaries).

Twenty pages of diagrams, charts and maps.

The HRV Complete Bible is the first complete Messianic Study Bible.  The HRV Complete Study Bible contains twenty pages of helpful study aids such as charts, diagrams and maps making the HRV the Messianic Sacred name Study Bible you have been waiting for.

How to get the HRV Complete Study Bible

If you have not already requested a copy of the HRV Complete Bible (for a minimum donation of $56 including shipping)
you may want to get your request in now as THIS PRE-PUBLICATION OFFER WILL BE ENDING SOON and the minimum donation will then go up to $75 including shipping. (Pre-publication requests will be shipped upon publication.).

You can obtain your copy minimum donation of $50.00 plus $6.00 Shipping & handling (in the USA); $10.00 in Canada and Mexico and $15.00 overseas. (Items are sent out as appreciation gifts for your donations)

SANJ can now take credit cards through phone in orders: 817-284-7039 or you can mail it in as well:
(you can also order over the internet using Pay Pal, see info further down in this email)

PO Box 471
Hurst, Texas 76053

Send the following information:

Name on card:
Card Type:
Card Number:
Expiration Date:
Phone Number:
Billing Address:
Shipping Address if different from Billing:
Email Address:
The quantity of the items you want.

Be sure to note what item(s) you are requesting.

Or you can still send in a check or money order to the above address. Please note that all checks have a two-week holding period.
(International checks three weeks).

We also still accept Paypal orders as well.

PLEASE view our shipping and payment policies:

IF you send along your email address we can send you a shipping confirmation.

If you have any questions concerning donations or item requests please contact the following:

For questions about the books, other then donation amount, please contact the following:

James Trimm

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