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From:  "unjs777" <info@u...>
Date:  Tue May 27, 2003  4:04 am
Subject:  HRV Update (5-27-03)


Many of you have requested a more recent update on the progress of
the HRV Complete Bible. I am sorry not to have written another
update sooner. As some of you may know

my disabled wife (whom I care for) became ill about two weeks ago
and was soon followed by several of my five children (all of whom I
care for) coming down with the illness as well, including my 18
month old daughter... all of whom I care for. Then *I* came down
with it as well a few days ago and am just now starting to get over

However I am happy to report that the reformatting of the HRV is
complete and the post-reformatting proofreading is almost complete.
I am also pleased to add that the introduction (over 50 pages) is
complete. I estimate about two days of work left on the
proofreading. Then there will be some "final formatting" -- issues
like page headers in the upper margin of each page identifying for
the reader what book he is in and so on.

It is my hope to have this all wrapped up within one week.

As many of you know we have posted a preliminary version of the HRV
translation of Bereshit (Genesis) to the HRV webpage. We will soon
be replacing that with an updated version which corrects errors
detected in proofreading and which contains a last-minute revision
(we chose to substitute "set-apart" for "holy"). We will also be
posting the book of Mattitiyahu (Matthew) as a sample of the "New
Testament" portion of the HRV.

When these new samples go up in a few days I will again email you
all and send you the link for the page.

Finally thank you all for your patience. Translating the entire
Bible has been an incredible experiance which has taken me deeper
into His Word than I ever imagined. It has taken many years and I
know that we have run past our original projected publication dates
but we are in the home stretch now and I believe it has been well
worth it to make sure that everything is done right. Handleing the
word of Elohim is an awesome resonsiblity and I am forever mindful
of its magnatute.

James Trimm

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