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From:  "Kitty Trimm <itrimm@i...>" <itrimm@i...>
Date:  Wed Jan 15, 2003  11:47 pm
Subject:  HRV Complete Bible Notice


We want to thank you for your interest and donations for the Hebraic
Roots Version Complete Bible. We are working diligently on the
project to make this the best Bible we can.

We had originally anticipated that we would complete that project
and have it out by the end of November 2002. However, as this time
approached it became apparent that HRV Complete Bible would not be
published on schedule. We do not want to put a Bible out there that
has flaws in the text. We want it right and unfortunately it is
taken more time then we realized.

One element which has delayed publication has been the discovery of
the original Hebrew Text of Hebrews. (In the original HRV New
Testament, we were only able to make use of Aramaic Hebrews.) We
believe it is important to base the text on the best available

Please rest assured that you will receive your requested item of the
Hebraic Roots Version Complete Bible. We also had delays in the
Hebraic Roots Version New Testament - we were delayed for about a
year on that project. Please note we do not plan on being that
delayed for the Hebraic Roots Version Complete Bible. We are nearly
done and hope to finish very soon. We appreciate your interest and
support for this project and everyone who has requested the Hebraic
Roots Version Complete Bible will get a copy or their copies as soon
as we have them in hand.

Please note we do not have an exact date yet. You will be notified
when we do - and we do have a notice now up on our website - it is
this same email for now. We will update that page when we have more

Thank you for your support of this very important project.

Thank you,
Dr. Trimm

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