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From:  "James Trimm" <jstrimm@n...>
Date:  Sun Aug 31, 2003  5:06 pm
Subject:  HRV Update


Many of you have requested an update on the progress of the
publication of the HRV Complete Bible.

Our proof-copy from the printer showed a problem with some of the
headings. The problem is being corrected. We expect to deliver the
corrected version back to the printer early this week. We hope to be
able to sign off on a corrected proof by the end of this week and
then the presses can role. We expect to begin shipping copies in 30
to 60 days after that point.

Please realize that this has been a painstaking project. The
introduction alone is as long as many books, and the Bible
itself is over 1,500 pages and has over 2,000 footnotes. There is a
lot that goes into getting such a publication perfect. We do not
want to role the presses only to find out that we have printed 20,000
defective copies.

Please be patient... we can now see the light at the end of the

James Trimm

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