At the Printers Again?


The following is a chronology of James Trimms lies concerning the publication of his HRV Complete Bible.

James Trimm originally had the HRV for sale, then changed the language to "donation". This is important to note, one, because he is trying to claim that the item is no longer for sale, but is a donation to the publication of the HRV, and two, because he uses the term donation as a loophole to not provide the purchased materials. When a number of people have requested refunds for not receiving materials, he has stated that it was a donation and he was under no obligation to send them anything.

The second important factor to note, is the chronology of the times set for publication, which keeps changing. James Trimm will set a date, saying it is about to go to the printers, or later, that it is already at the printers, then lists a series of excuses as to why it is delayed, when people start demanding what they have long ago paid for, stating once again that it is at the printers and will arrive in 6 weeks or so. This has been going on for nearly 2 years now. This was the same tactic used in the publication of his HRV NT.


Many have believed that it has never been at the printers, but the money has been spent as it is received, which is why he has claimed donation status and refuses to send refunds. I am having to address this issue finally, due to the fact that James Trimm has recently made a major plea for 15,000 to cover the required printing costs. This push for 15,000 is the result of his recently being scrutinized by government agencies for his fraud; a Nazarene Fraud forum being established by one of his victims, to openly discuss the fraud and theft of James Trimm without the constant censoring of the myriad of Trimm owned forums and his supporters; and several individuals seeking to have suits brought against James Trimm since he has refused to refund monies requested by his victims and deal in these matters in an upright manner.





After not shipping the HRV at the designated time at the end of June, many were emailing asking where they were. This post is the most creative and disgusting of all. Not only does it state that the printer is in India, but that he has 50 copies being shipped, but they are for sale at Koniuchowsky's conference, at his book table. "A small quantity (about 50) are being air-freighted out to us (at a premium) so that we will have at least a few copies for our literature table at the 4th Annual One Yisrael Knowing YHWH Conference ...These copies are strictly for the table at this conference. If you have a pre-publication order for the HRV outstanding it will be shipped to you directly, but you cannot pick it up at this table." He is selling, what has already been sold, some of which had pre-paid orders as far back as 2 YEARS AGO. Sounds like we need Yahusha` to tip some tables and use his whip.



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