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From:  "unjs777" <info@u...>
Date:  Sat Jun 14, 2003  10:02 pm
Subject:  HRV Update (6-14-03)


I am happy to report that the final proofreading of the HRV is
complete. All that remains is the "final formatting" -- issues
like page headers in the upper margin of each page identifying for
the reader what book he is in and so on. By the end of this week the
HRV should be ready for the printer.

As many of you know we have posted a preliminary version of the HRV
translation of Bereshit (Genesis) to the HRV webpage. We have now
replaced that sample with an updated version, which corrects errors
detected in proofreading and which contains a last-minute revision
(we chose to substitute "set-apart" for "holy"). We have also posted
the book of Mattitiyahu (Matthew) as a sample of the "New Testament"
portion of the HRV.

The prepublication offer will expire on June 30th after that time
the minimum donation to receive the HRV as an appreciation gift will
go up from $56.00 to $75.00.

Bereshit (Genesis) HRV Sample:

Mattitiyahu (Matthew) HRV Sample:

James Trimm

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