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In researching James Trimm's plagiarisms, I compared his HRV publication with a number of Peshitta translations. I knew that James had a copy of John Wesley Etheridge and James Murdock's translation. He also had the Lhamsa version. The one that I was trying to locate was Agnes Smith's. In doing a net search for her translation, I found a site with a Peshitta translation almost identical to James Trimm's. Since they mentioned Agnes Smith as being one of the base texts. I emailed them to see if they had used Agnes Smith as their primary base text. It turned out that the woman who ran the site, was one of the translators for the Aramaic-English Interlinear New Testament published by The Way International. Her version on the net is slightly revised, mostly in punctuation, from the original Way translation. She was willing to send a copy of the title page, 5 chapters of Mark and the book of Ephesians for me to compare with James version. The following are pages to prove that James was aware of this Way version back in 1993, was searching out Way members and found at least one who worked at SANJ, and that he did plagiarize the Way text for his own.


James Trimm's Search For Way Members- 1993


Chris Lingle told me in a conversation, that he had been a member of The Way. He owned a copy of the Aramaic-English Interlinear New Testament. This was confirmed by another acquaintance, who was trying to get a copy of Lingle's Peshitta translation by The Way. Whether or not James found any other Way or former Way members and a copy of the Peshitta by 1997, I do not know, but by 1997, Chris Lingle was not only working with James Trimm, but was a member of the Beit Din, established by SANJ – Society For the Advancement of Nazarene Judaism. The first three members, according to Chris and confirmed by James were James Trimm, himself and Eric Sandquist. James appointed himself the Nasi of the Beit Din, Chris was offered Av. Chris also help James with his writings, as well as post studies under his own name.

The following page shows that Chris was one of the establishing members and that James does not deny, but confirms the association with Chris Lingle. This is from a forum that I first participated on. During soem debates with James Trimm, over his initial behavior and the first time I saw him slander others, the posts were moved from the main forum to a private one, called echad. I had inquired about the establishing of the beit din. The posts involved are those of mine, Kathryn, and James Trimm. The posts are the 4th, 8th, 13th and the 14th.

Original Beit Din and Chris Lingle


This page shows that Chris Lingle was a contributing writer at the SANJ website in 1997. Currently on the nazarene site, this study has the authors name blocked out. Thankfully, they did not pull down all their old pages and the original still exists.

Chris Lingle and SANJ

With that established, James cannot deny that he was searching out Way members and the Peshitta translation. He cannot deny that Chris Lingle, a former Way member was one of the founders of his current organization, SANJ. James can try, but not successfully, to deny that he plagiarized Hugh Schonfields translation of Matthew, which James published under B'sorot Matti. James cannot deny that he wrote that he was looking for an out of date copy of the Book of Mormon, to change the Gentile terms to Jewish ones and publish. The following are posts that James made under the name of Rabbi Yosef, to a Mormon forum, stating that he was looking for a certain version that the copyright was expired on, that he was going to change the terms and publish it as a Hebraic version, and that he found an old version and was changing terms. All proof that James Trimm was the stated Rabbi Yosef and promoting the Book of Mormon are on this page BOM Page


Seeking Expired Copyright Version

Changing Gentile Terms To Jewish Ones

Base Text Found and Changing Terms



James states in his HRV which texts he used for his HRV. He sites Matthew was based on the DuTillet, which has been proven that he plagiarized that from Schonfield. His base text for Mark, Luke and John was the Peshitta, but I have just proven that it was The Way Internationals translation that he used.

As you can see, James likes to take texts, change the gentilic or church terms and make them hebraic, then publish it as his translation, yet it has been proven and stated by a number of people, that James does not know Hebrew and Aramaic to the degree that he can speak it or is qualified to translate.