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From:  "James Trimm" <jstrimm@n...>
Date:  Sat Aug 9, 2003  11:55 pm
Subject:  Re: I do not recomend the translation (AEINT)

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--- In, Schmuel <schmuel@e...> wrote:
> Shalom AramaicNT,
> Craig,
> > > The translation you are now forced to into giving
> > > praise as a "literal translation" like 'yours', you
> > > used to NOT recommend, in fact you did recommend
> > > Murdoch in its place. But, since the allegations have
> > > come out, you've had to silently reverse that stance.
> James,
> >Another distortion. In 1993 when I made that casual statement I
> >never seriously examined the AEINT translation. I am not sure if I
> >had ever seen one. There were two reasons I said I did "not
> >recommend" the AEINT in 1993. First, I could "not recommend" a
> >version I was not familiar with. Second, not having seen the AEINT
> >and knowing only that it was a product of the Way International, an
> >organization whose teachings I would not recommend, I could "not
> >recommend" their translation. It is no surprise that I might "not
> >recommend" a version I had not seen which was published by a
> >religious sect which I disagree with, but might find it to be
> >a "literal translation" after examining it in detail.
> Schmuel
> We can cover other issues later ... lets clear up the factual stuff
here first.
> JAMES now, about the AEINT (above)
> "not familiar"
> "not having seen"
> "had not seen"
> JAMES before
> "am aware"
> "the interliniar is helpful"
> AND compares the translation to that of Murdock, unfavorably.


It is amazing how you try to make stuff up.

"am aware" is not the same as "familiar" or "having seen"

I am aware of a movie called "Nemo" but I have not seen it nor am I
familiar with it.

I made NO comparison to Murdock (you just made that up)

All I did was say that "the interlinear is helpful". I do not recall
if I said this because I supposed it must be, or if I had seen one
belonging to someone else. And I said "I do not recommend the
translation". I did not say a THING about WHY I did not recommend
it. I did not recommend it because I was not familiasr with it and
had concerns about an edition published by the Way International.

NOWHERE did I say that I did not recommend the translation based on
any comparison I had or had not done to Murdock. You just made that


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