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From:  Schmuel <schmuel@e...>
Date:  Sat Aug 9, 2003  11:39 pm
Subject:  [AramaicNT] I do not recomend the translation (AEINT)

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Shalom AramaicNT,

> > The translation you are now forced to into giving
> > praise as a "literal translation" like 'yours', you
> > used to NOT recommend, in fact you did recommend
> > Murdoch in its place. But, since the allegations have
> > come out, you've had to silently reverse that stance.

>Another distortion. In 1993 when I made that casual statement I had
>never seriously examined the AEINT translation. I am not sure if I
>had ever seen one. There were two reasons I said I did "not
>recommend" the AEINT in 1993. First, I could "not recommend" a
>version I was not familiar with. Second, not having seen the AEINT
>and knowing only that it was a product of the Way International, an
>organization whose teachings I would not recommend, I could "not
>recommend" their translation. It is no surprise that I might "not
>recommend" a version I had not seen which was published by a
>religious sect which I disagree with, but might find it to be
>a "literal translation" after examining it in detail.

We can cover other issues later ... lets clear up the factual stuff here first.

JAMES now, about the AEINT (above)
"not familiar"
"not having seen"
"had not seen"

JAMES before
"am aware"
"the interliniar is helpful"

AND compares the translation to that of Murdock, unfavorably.
Here is what James wrote (spelling errors maintained.)

Incredible and sad, please drop the charades.


James Trimm - via ParaNet node 1:104/422
UUCP: !scicom!paranet!User_Name
INTERNET: James.Trimm@p...

From: James Trimm
Subject: New Testament In Aramaic

Newsgroups: alt.messianic
Date: 1993-12-11 09:12:29 PST

Yes I am aware of the edition you mention, which is an interliniar
of the Peshitta NT published by the Way Intl. I do not recomend the
translation, however the interliniar is helpful. The best translation
of the Peshitta NT available is that of James Murdock. (Until my version
is published).

>This is why it is unwise to read things into peoples comments and
>then compare what you read into their to what you read into other
>comments made ten years later.

It is unwise to leave a paper trail if you want to you seek plausible
deniability later.


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243 Re: I do not recomend the translation (AEINT) James Trimm jstrimm Sat  8/9/2003   4 KB

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