No Animosity

Subject: Re: Exonerated by Grafted-In Ministries
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 17:44:30 -0700
From: "Grafted-In Ministries" <>
To: "purnhrt" <>
CC: "James Trimm" <>
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Dear Kathryn
It is apparent that you are upset because we will not enter into debate or discussion with you and your friends regarding the opinion we reached after reviewing the Trimm/Kathryn affair.  We're sorry this is upsetting to you.  We would counsel you to follow the advice given in the last paragraph of our opinion but of course, that is your choice.  As we have already explained to you AND one of your friends....we have devoted far more time to this situation which you dragged us into by emailing us in the first place, than we are happy with.  Please understand that it's not just you and your supporters that we will have no more "conversation" or "debate" with on this topic.  We have reached our saturation point re Trimm/Kathryn and have formed an opinion which, interestingly enough...we did not expect to form.  We don't want to spend any more time regarding Trimm/Kathryn.
We have exercised our right to form an opinion to a situation YOU involved us in.  Again, we reiterate that we are not a bet-din and no one has to accept our opinion.  You and anyone else is free to form an opinion of our opinion.  People will then form an opinion of your opinion of our opinion of your opinion and it can go into the most ridiculous extremity, ad infinitum.  You know yourself that no one reads email and your website without having a reaction.  After so much email and so large a website, the questions you need to ask yourself now are: (1) will this actually get what I desire.....resolve the initial issue with Trimm/Bet Din OR WORSE (2) will it just make the participants look like idiots with too much time on their hands?  At this point after so many emails to people and so large a website, this is a risk you're running because the people who read the emails and the website MAY start asking themselves that question.  Since you still feel that you are right.....perhaps...on this issue.......less is more?
We hold no animosity toward you, hope you hold none toward us and wish you well.  We encourage you again to take this into a season of fasting and prayer.
Bill and Jo Kuhlmeyer