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                 From:  shemaemet@h...
                 Date:  Wed Mar 28, 2001 10:53pm
                 Subject:  Re: Trimm unsubscribed from Lost Tribes Forum

                 Trimm, with your Yeshiva teaching to wean us off the Book of Mormon,
                 the forum invite is a bit unenticing.  Furthermore, you do war
                 against Zion in this very teaching of yours and I was not banned from
                 all of the forums for violating list rules, so please stop
                 fabricating truth to try to make yourself look better.  I was
                 disaccomodated which included the SANJ forums for prophesying truth
                 of the Book of Mormon (which came to past).  You judged me for what
                 you called "cursing a leader of our people".  Please allow me to shed
                 some prophetic truth on your ruling.  You can not possibly be a
                 leader of our people without ownership of a very public testimony of
                 the Book of Mormon.  I'm speaking about the salvation of millions to
                 be led out of a spiritual Egypt by the hand of YHWH.  This is no game
                 Trimm.  May YHWH raise up who He needs to do His work and may all
                 obstacles be removed from the path.


                 - In two_sticks@y..., James Trimm <jstrimm@h...> wrote:
                 > Sandra,
                 > You were removed from the list because you had been banned from all
                 > lists about a year ago for violating list rules.  I
                 did NOT remove you because of your add for your website.  I removed
                 you because you were not supposed to be on the list.
                 > I am certainly no enemy of Tziyon.
                 > Trimm
                 > >Well, I guess Trimm isn't inviting us here at Two_Sticks to talk
                 about the Book of Mormon on the recently advertised Lost Tribes forum.
                 > >
                 > >Here is a forward I just received from the list after advertising
                 my web site about the Book of Mormon.
                 > >
                 > >Folks, let us not be caught up in a lie thinking that this man
                 supports the Book of Mormon.  While his torah teachings are sound, he
                 is an enemy of Zion and he doesn't belong on this list.
                 > >
                 > >Sandra

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