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                 From:  shemaemet@h...
                 Date:  Wed Mar 28, 2001 4:08pm
                 Subject:  Re: Lost Tribes List

                 Ahhh Trimm?  Kindly . . . . discussions concerning the lost ten
                 tribes of Israel and the two houses of Israel include the Book of
                 Mormon to those of us on this list (of which you teach in your
                 Yeshiva that we need to be weaned off of).

                 Since the invitation is open and I understand it to be Yair's baby,
                 and I'm not allowed on any SANJ lists because of the current ruling
                 against me, I'll subscribe and send in a post announcing the new
                 ShemaEmet web site regarding the lost tribes of Israel and two houses
                 of Israel and how it applies to the Book of Restored Covenants (Book
                 of Mormon).

                 I must say, I'm a bit puzzled.  Have you had a change of heart?  Are
                 you now encouraging peoples on this two-stick list to dialogue about
                 the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon?

                 I'm certain that you are aware that that is the subject matter over
                 here on Two-Sticks and that discussions from anyone on this list who
                 would subscribe to the Lost Tribes List you've mentioned, would
                 invariably surround the Book of Mormon.


                 --- In two_sticks@y..., James Trimm <jstrimm@h...> wrote:
                 > All,
                 > In you are interested in discussions concerning the Lost Ten Tribes
                 and/or the Two Houses of Israel you may wish to join the LOST TRIBES
                 list.  The Lost Tribes List has been around for about five years and
                 is well established.
                 > To subscribe just send an email to majordomo@n... with the words:
                 > subscribe losttribes
                 > on the first line.
                 > Or you can subscribe on the web at
                 > THE HEBRAIC ROOTS VERSION

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