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These posts were all at the Nazarene forum, which is James Trimm's list. If he states that he was just dealing with Mormons, why, under the name Steve Cohen, did he go to his own nazarene forum and support, defend and teach the BoM? There were no Mormons there. What was the point? He even argued with his own vice-president of SANJ, Michael Detwiler, about the book, claiming that the prophecy was fulfilled by the Lord. When Michael asked what "lord" was that, Baal? James wrote, that would be the Lord YHWH. His posts clearly prove that he was not doing research, that he was not leading any Mormons from the BoM. How long does it take to lead them away? James Trimm had some of these sites for years and all the while, no Mormons were being led from their BoM, yet other people that had never been involved with it, were listening to James teach that it was an ancient Jewish writing and got involved with it based on his teachings. Ask around. How many Mormons were weaned by James Trimm?

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BoM a Jewish book, written by Jews for the convincing of the Jew and Gentile

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Recommending books on archaeology that validated BoM

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Purpose of BoM, validating it

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The Book of Mormon cannot be judged by the theology and actions of the LDS  Church,...just as the Tanak cannot be judged by the theology or actions of Rabbinic Judaism.

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 Tanak prophecies fulfilled through the Book of Mormon

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Gospel message of the Book of Mormon

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Defends BoM

Steve Cohen made post stating  that a prophecy in the BoM came to pass  as the Lord commanded.
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Michael Detwiler then asked what lord, was it Baal?
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Steve Cohen then answered, "the Lord YHWH."
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