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                 From:  "Shema Emet" <shemaemet@h...>
                 Date:  Tue Jan 23, 2001 1:32pm
                 Subject:  Re: [Two_Sticks] Setting something straight

                 I think since . . . .I'm not allowed on your Nazarene forums, . . . .nor any
                 of your BoM forums and . . . .since I've recently transfered to you a very
                 large Grafted-Netzarim forum (160 subscribers) for you to teach Hebrew NT
                 truths to and then gracefully unsubscribed afterwards to respect your
                 rulings . . .and . . . .because really my heart is to talk about the torah
                 in the BoM without strife, I will unsubscribe from here and the other BoM
                 forums you are on, as I am seeing that there is alot of hurt between us that
                 is not allowing a peaceful two-way diad at this time.  So for the betterment
                 of Yisrael and the set apart gospel, I will unsubscribe.

                 It's just that  I am receiving from the Ruach and only wish to remain
                 standing publically with my testimony of the BoM as a Netzarim and share the
                 unsealing I am experiencing as I see torah in the BoM.  I just feel I would
                 be wasting my talents and ability YHWH has given me if I do not.

                 So if there is anyone interested in the same things I am, the
        web site will be up in a few weeks mostly to help Joseph
                 come into torah walk through Messiah Yahshua.  I bid you shalom Dr. Trimm.

                 Well Yatzi, I stuck around your beautiful forum for as long as I could this
                 time and I may return at a later time.  I hope YHWH does something very good
                 with the grief I have.


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                 From: "James Trimm" <jstrimm@h...>
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                 Sent: Monday, January 22, 2001 11:13 AM
                 Subject: [Two_Sticks] Setting something straight

                 > All,
                 > I want to make something clear.  Sandra was not disfellowshipped by the
                 > Netzarim Beit Din because of her BoM belief.
                 > She was at one point posting Book of Mormon messages to the Nazarene Forum
                 > several times a day.  The forum moderator (which was not even me) warned
                 > that if she continued the would be banned from posting because he deemd
                 > messages to be off topic for that list.  When she continued posting she
                 > banned
                 > from the list.  However this was not the disfellowhipment which was around
                 > other
                 > issues entirely (which I will not discuss here).  It has often been
                 > discussed that the disfellowhipment might at some point be reversed, and
                 > such a reversal would not
                 > require Sandra to disavow the Book of Mormon because that was never the
                 > in the first place.
                 > James Trimm
                 > "I will take the stick of Joseph,
                 > and will put it with the stick of Judah,
                 > and make them one stick,
                 > and they shall be one in my hand."
                 > Ezekiel 37:19

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