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               From: Shema Emet  <shemaemet@h...>
               Date: Mon Jan 22, 2001 10:47am
               Subject: Re: [Two_Sticks] Setting something straight

               Responding to Trimm's false allegations.  This is what I wrote on this list
               a few days ago <snips>:

               "I have taken enough abuse from this one who has disaccomodated me for my
               prophecies and for speaking only truth of the stick of Joseph and he has
               further slandered me by calling me a pagan and a demoniac".

               It should be clear by all who read that I was disaccomodated for my prophecy
               (regarding restoration and BoM) which came to past which you do not want to
               discusss.  So yes, in essence I was indeed disaccomodated for my belief in
               the BoM.

               It should also be clear that because the "BoM" is OFF topic on your forum,
               that you are and SANJ is NOT an accepter of the BoM as revelation for the
               restoration of Israel.

               So, we Joseph's can not possibly be "grafted-in" to your type of Judah
               "torah" now can we?  You are a teacher in your Yeshiva that we should be
               weaned off the BoM.  Further, you have over and over again publically
               proclaimed that you do not advocate the BoM and we can NOT talk about it on
               your SANJ forum who supposedly has a purpose in restoring Israel.

               It is very important to be a restorer to ancient paths and bring torah truth
               to the "stick of Joseph" and I am willing to do that using his own family

               Thank you for allowing ME to set something THINGS straight.  There will be
               no uniting with your type of ministry from Joseph's who are rejected by you.
               You are clearly of the synagogue of satan (rejecting the shema for the whole
               house of Israel) and you should repent of your folly and lies and betrayals
               of Joseph!  You want to speak to the whole house do you?  Well then stand up
               and do it!


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               From: "James Trimm" jstrimm@h...
               Sent: Monday, January 22, 2001 11:13 AM
               Subject: [Two_Sticks] Setting something straight

               > All,
               > I want to make something clear.  Sandra was not disfellowshipped by the
               Netzarim Beit Din because of her BoM belief.
               > She was at one point posting Book of Mormon messages to the Nazarene Forum
               several times a day.  The forum moderator (which was not even me) warned her
               that if she continued the would be banned from posting because he deemd the
               messages to be off topic for that list.  When she continued posting she was
               > banned from the list.  However this was not the disfellowhipment which was
               > other issues entirely (which I will not discuss here).  It has often been
               discussed that the disfellowhipment might at some point be reversed, and
               such a reversal would not
               > require Sandra to disavow the Book of Mormon because that was never the
               issue in the first place.
               > James Trimm

               > Study Torah with SANJ Mitvah Club
               > "I will take the stick of Joseph,
               > and will put it with the stick of Judah,
               > and make them one stick,
               > and they shall be one in my hand."
               > Ezekiel 37:19

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