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two_sticks · two sticks is a list which discusses Ezekiel 37, and the gathering of Israel in the latter days. Jewish LDS RLDS Restorationist Group Member [ Edit My Membership ]
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From:  "Shema Emet" <shemaemet@h...>
Date:  Thu Jan 18, 2001  1:27 pm
Subject:  Re: [Two_Sticks] Re: Rabbi Yosef and Inscription rock

Personally, I have had enough of this Rabbi Yosef stuff for an entire
lifetime. Most of us know this is not his real name and that the person
behind this fake name does not advocate the BoM publically. So there is no
testimony. I do not think Rabbi Yosef will be around simply because those
in the "Messy antic" community that he is part of will trace him down and
continue to expose him for "what appears to be a testimony of the BoM" and
hold him accountable - as they of course are against Joseph as well.

This one has made a choice to side with the other "nine" brothers in the
Messy antic Israel community against the stick of Joseph, so let us drop him
from memory. YHWH will deal with him. Remember? After playing a role in
Joseph's pit/Egypt adventure, Judah lost his family and was ousted by the
other nine and then in the end he came back to Joseph? As far as I am
concerned, his hateful actions are earning him the "bottom of the barrel"
reward and I have taken enough abuse from this one who has disaccomodated me
for my prophecies and for speaking only truth of the stick of Joseph and he
has further slandered me by calling me a pagan and a demoniac. I believe
that he is of the synagogue of satan (calls himself a Jew, but is NOT),
because he does not uphold the SHEMA (Israel in unity) and will be bowing to
Joseph (Rev. 3:9) as in ancient times.

This is just history repeating itself. Rabbi Yosef is a fake name and the
person behind the name does not have a public testimony of the Book of
Mormon - nor can he support Joseph "returning" according to the BoM being
unsealed as prophesied, as he is asking Joseph to be "weaned off" the BoM
and persecuting heavily those who would stand for truth on Joseph's behalf.
He has proven it over and over again with his hateful behavior and lieing
tongue. Teaching in his Yeshiva that we are to be weaned off the BoM and
teaching a two house message that consistently betrays Joseph.

I am looking for brother Benjamin (the "stick"/family of Judah who are in
torah who are veiled to Messiah) to unite with. Then the other ten brothers
will come along and we will be a happy family once again, as in days of old.
This Rabbi Yosef stuff grieves me beyond words. I am extremely ashamed of
and grief stricken about my beloved brother who calls himself a Jew, who is
not upholding the shema. It is a grief that only my Yahshua will help me
get over when I see my Benjamin once again. I do not expect others to agree
with my views.


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From: "Robert Frost" <iaoue@n...>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2001 11:59 AM
Subject: [Two_Sticks] Re: Rabbi Yosef and Inscription rock

> Dean,
> I read on Greater Things some of your story. I perked up when you said
that you discovered that Rabbi Yosef was not Jewish. I happen to know him
and have even been to Sabbath service with him (and LDS services for that
matter). Why do you believe him not to be Jewish?
> You also mention Inscription Rock outside of Las Lunas, NM. Have you been
there? Did you also see the astronomical rock? Any thing else that you
found interesting?
> BF
> "I will take the stick of Joseph,
> and will put it with the stick of Judah,
> and make them one stick,
> and they shall be one in my hand."
> Ezekiel 37:19

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