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From:  "Nazirene" <the_nazirene@m...>
Date:  Sun Dec 8, 2002  5:16 am
Subject:  Re: [Chazak] Caught Red Handed and continues to lie!

Shalom Sis Sarah:
What you write below about the James Trimm BoM connection makes perfect sense!  Actually, I was sent documentation some time ago by someone who portrayed James Trimm as an evangelizing Mormon. 
It appears that the nazarene-debate group only has a very small handful of genuine Nazirenes, and is comprised of three groups using the name nazarene as a means to convert unsuspecting people to their cause.  There is the straight and narrow Christians.  There is those who are of the SanJ fold who basically reject the tenets of belief of the genuine Nazirenes, and put forth Mormon doctrine with a Jewish facade which they call nazarene.  And then you have the Jews for Jews who are operating under the guise of Torah observant Ebionites.  Fundamentally, all three groups reject the genuine teachings of Yeshua and the authentic Nazirenes who were his disciples.
If you strip away the Jewish facade, there is no difference between what SanJ preaches and Mormon doctrine.  I know, because there is a Mormon church near by, and they go house to house in the manner of Jehovah's Witnesses.  Moreover, it is for this reason that James Trimm is so hostile to the Gospel of the Nazirenes.  Actually, it is well documented that there was no physical place called Nazareth at the time of Yeshua.  What they were making reference to was the vow of the Nazirene which was absolutely necessary to be a genuine follower of Yeshua.
(see ).  Because the Christians were too carnal to actually live in accordance with the vow of the Nazirene -- as are the SanJ variety of quasi-Mormon/Christians today -- they created a physical place called Nazareth, and then attempted to relate this counterfeit concept to being a nazarene.   This is also why SanJ rejects the most fundamental of Nazirene tenets of belief with respect to Yeshua being the first prodigal son to so completely fulfill the Torah within himself, that he became One with the Father. 
I think everyone on these groups should ask themselves if they want Christian/Mormon doctrine with a Jewish facade, or they desire Truth by embracing TheWay of the Nazirene?
Peace, Love and Light in TheWay,
-------Original Message-------
Date: Saturday, December 07, 2002 11:11:59 PM
Subject: [Chazak] Caught Red Handed and continues to lie!
Trimm caught red handed and continues to lie!

In fact, every time I post what he really believes about the BoM, he
posts his 'anti-BoM' series which he doesn't even believe is true to
cover for his true belief in the Book of Mormon.

Again, he offered his Jewish Book of Mormon to my husband and I as a
bribe for silence, but of course we would NOT be silent.

James Trimm wrote all articles at my site that currently have no
authors name beside them.

Sis Sarah

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