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               From: Robert Frost  <iaoue@n...>
               Date: Mon Jan 22, 2001 11:03am
               Subject: Re: Jewishness Of The Book Of Mormon

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               After knowing this, I thought it was duplicitous for him to
               persecute me for my testimony (allowing me to be ousted) while
               apparently believing the same thing.
               Obviously you haven't been following these important truths,
               or you would not be persecuting me.
               I am NOT responsible for the choices he makes in his life and I very
               much resent the persecution from you as all I have done is spoken
               truth from the sincerest motives according to the will of YHWH. I am
               extremely grieved by all of this. Obviously, your not an outcast.

               I notice that being persecuted seems to be important enough to you
               that you ignore the persecution you heap on others. You obviously
               know very little of "Rabbi Yosef's" situation and the personal crosses
               he is bearing. What your exuberance did was terminate his ability to
               participate in the discussion of the Book of Mormon. That was not his
               priority, but a side interest.

               I'm given to understand that you also know a Dave Robins. I'm sure
               that he would love to continue a discussion of the Jewishness of the
               Book of Mormon with you. I'm also sure that he will want to talk to
               you about some other books as well.

               You claim that I am not an outcast. I've been one so many times that
               I stopped counting. Your current pain will pass.

               I'm not really sure what I've done that you consider persecution, but
               I was forwarded some of the posts that you made and some of his
               responses. You ought to take a very long look in the mirror.

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