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From:  "Robert Frost" <iaoue@n...>
Date:  Sat Jan 20, 2001  3:34 pm
Subject:  Re: Jewishness Of The Book Of Mormon



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You are correct about the distinction between Messianic Jew vs.
Netzarim Jew. I doubted that the others on this list knew the
difference and the implications were that he was "Messianic". Dean
seems to discount anything not orthodox so I was reaffirming that he
was a Jew that believes in Yeshua.

I don't have to guess who he is as I know him personally and met him
before he took the pen name "Rabbi Yosef". My family and I have also
had the pleasure of his and his family's company in our home for

It sounds from you post that you may be the one that caused such a
flap in his life. If that is true, I'm saddened that you would not
let him continue to quietly provide insights into the Book of Mormon
from the Jewish perspective. I've spoken to several key players at
BYU who were impressed and gratefull for his proferred insights. Many
LDS scholars are now persuing studies that I first encountered in
discussion with "Rabbi Yosef".


--- In, "Shema Emet" <shemaemet@h...>
> From: "Robert Frost" <iaoue@n...>
> >Rabbi Yoseph is a Messianic Jew
> ***This is not entirely a true statement Robert. The person behind
the fake
> name "Rabbi Yosef" is definately not a Messianic Jew. See, go here
and you
> will see him pictured as a Netzarim Jew (although you'll have to
guess which
> one he is). Messianic Judaism (the religion) is Christianity in
> garb - "Jews for Jesus" etc. Netzarim Judaism is the zealous faith
of the
> first century believers in Yahshua and they do not consider, nor
> themselves "Messianic Jews". Go here: and
> enter "Beit Din".
> Now the poor Irish Jew who has publically called me a demoniac and a
> doesn't have a public testimony of the Book of Mormon and does not
feel like
> feeding Joseph with his own name at this time, so let us leave him
to attend
> to the "greater things" of the synagogue of satan. Here is what I
have to
> say about Rabbi Yosef: "fake name, fake you". (giggles)

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