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From:  "Robert Frost" <iaoue@n...>
Date:  Fri Jan 19, 2001  11:33 pm
Subject:  Re: Jewishness Of The Book Of Mormon

Hi Dean,

Well, I understand your perspective. Rabbi Yoseph is a Messianic Jew
(although born a "standard" Jew) and he is a scholar (I've seen his
transcripts and read some of his works). His studies are not just
Jewish, but include Christianity (including the branch called
Mormonism). Enough said for now.

If you go to see Inscription Rock you will need to get permission from
the Isletta Pueblo as they now own the land. I went both before and
after they put up the no trespassing sign. There is extensive
graffiti of a more recent vintage in the area.

Are you aware of the petroglyph on top of the mesa that records a
solar eclipse on Rosh Hashanah, 106 BCE? Another feature that a
friend of mine pointed out to me was an Aleph Tav about 15 feet east
of the main inscription.

"Disovery of Ancient America" by David Allen Deal does a nice job of
presenting the rock and the astronomical glyph. Dr. James Tabor
(University of North Carolina, I think) has some interesting things to
say about it too.


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