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From: Michael Detwiler  <mijoy@w...>
               Date: Thu Jan 13, 2000 10:35am
               Subject: Disassociation


As of January 13th, 2000 Michael Hawkins (along with his wife, Sandra) have been formally disassociated
from the Nazarene Community by the International Nazarene Beit Din.
Sandra was disassociated on the 12th, and a vote was then taken regarding her husband, Michael.

They are guilty of lashon hara, extreme hypocrisy, harrassment, internet (email) spamming, vandalism, and
cursing the elders of the Nazarene Community and others in the Messianic movement. In addition, Michael
is not able to rule over his own house ( I Timothy 3:4), and has enabled his wife, Sandra, to continue with
her continual harrassment of the leadership of the true Kehilat of Yahweh.

They are also guilty of specific Torah violations, with no genuine repentance:

They are proclaimed to be:

"Navi Sheker" (False Prophets)- Proclaming "prophecies" in the name of Yahweh "led" by the Ruach Ha
Kodesh that are contrary to Torah.

"Shakran" (liars)

"Maysit" (one who seduces others to go astray) According to their seductions and teachings of the Book of
Mormon on the Nazarene list servers.

Promotion of "Dat Sheker" (False Religions)

This action has not been taken rashly nor lightly. The power of disassociation (Aramaic: Sh'kal) is a power
YHWH has given to the Beit Din for very good reasons. The power of the Beit-Din to disassociate is
detailed in Mt. 18:15-19 (see also 1Cor. 5 & 2Thes. 3:6). They are to be recognized by the Nazarene
community as pagans (Mt. 18:17) we urge those in the community not to associate with them in any way, or
to even to eat with them (1Cor. 5:11). They have been delivered to HaSatan (1Cor. 5:5).

...we command you, my brothers, in the name of our Adon Yeshua the Messiah, that you
stay away from every brother who walks wickedly and not according to the commandments
which you received from us. (2Thes. 3:6 from the Aramaic)

This dissassociation include their banishment from ALL SANJ sponsored events, ( celebrations of the
Moedim ), banished from ALL SANJ affiliated congregations, banishment from ALL SANJ list servers and
website interactions, banishment from ALL SANJ regional or international Torah studies, banishment from
the SANJ Yeshiva, etc. They are also banned from any involvement with Kehilat Tnuvah, Denver,
congregational leader, Mark McLellan, and from ALL associations with First Fruits of Zion, and
international Hebraic roots teaching and training ministry.

Shalom to all. Now we should go on with our Nazarene work, while praying for the Hawkins' that Yahweh
will show them mercy and truth.

Michael Detwiler
AV Beit Din
Vice President- Society for the Advancement of Nazarene Judaism, International This list provided by
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