Sandra Hawkins in regular copy
Luana comments in Bold


  Shema Emet wrote:

  ***I do believe you are leaving Luana?

  Luana's responses:
  Now HOW would you know that, Sandra??

  I hope so, because your beliefs make you "anti-Messiah" down to the core.  Also, I must insist by the Ruach that Ya'akov is the
  Nasi of our people and if Steve does not step down and/or transfer it over, he will likely perish soon, because NOTHING is going

  to get in the way of YHWH's plans (not sure if that is a prophecy).

  Insist?  Who are you to insist?

  Ya'akov (James Trimm) is leading this movement by the hand of YHWH and an "abstain" vote regarding whether or not Yahshua
  was born of a virgin is NOT acceptable from Steve (my assumption based on the 2/3 vote).

  Your asuumption? You get this information by divination?

  I will not rest in my prayers until Nasi position is transferred back over to Ya'akov and Steve either confirms virgin birth or leaves

  the Beit Din willingly or by death.  This is a big deal for the safety of the community of the remnant of Israel whether or not you

  agree.  We will NOT be a house divided!!!

  You are not anybody that has the authority to speak to the Beit Din.  IF the current Beit Din is influenced by your
  demands, then there is a serious problem.