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James Trimm  <jstrimm@h...>
Date: Tue Nov 9, 1999 1:08pm
Subject: Re: Ehphraim & Judah

                 >    Hello James So, I am going 'duh'!! Are you saying that
                 >you are a Jew and a  believer in Yeshua our Messiah
                 >and I am simply a righteous gentile?

                 I am not sure why you added the word "simply".  The righteous live by
                 faith/belief" (Hab. 2:4) and Avraham believed and it was counted to
                  him as "righteousness".  Soi I am not sure why you use the word
                 simply there.  One might also say that you are a believing Gentile and I
                 am a righteous Jew.  It would be just as awkward to say that you are a
                 believing gentile and I am "simply" a righteous Jew.

                 >Righteous gentile meaning - believing  pagan??

                 No there is a completely different word in Aramiac for "pagan".  A
                 pagan is not a "righteous gentile" period.

                  >That I have no place in the Kingdom,

                 I did not say that.  You would live in the Kingdom and be ruled by it
                 (read the prophets).

                  >I am  not part of the bride,

                 Again read the prophecies.  You would be the "guests" at the wedding.
                 See Yeshua'a parable.

                 > I am not a nation of  priests

                 Who are they priests to?

                 >and I will not rule with Messiah just because  I cannot prove I am part

                 That is not the issue.  If you read what I wrote it has nothing to do with
                 proving you are Ephraim.  Ephraim has not preserved the covenant.
                 Ephraim is not a covenant people today.  You would only therefore
                 prove that you are part of a people who abandoned the covenent long
                 ago and were divorced by YHWH.  If your goal is to become part of the
                 covenent people you will need to do that through the House of Judah
                 (Ezek. 37:18-23; Zech. 8:23; Rom. 11) the only people that have
                  preserved the covenent.  It is in this way that the two houses will be

                 When Ephraim rebelled and seprated from the Davidic king she
                 established her own Temple APART FROM THE TEMPLE OF YHWH.
                 Her reconciliation to Am-Yisrael will be in humbling herself to return.

                 OK lets review:

                         * Ephraim rebels against the Temple and establishes her own upon
                         splitting from Judah.

                         *  Ephraim turns to pagan gods and abandons the covenant.

                         * YHWH divorces Epharim (Jer. 3)

                         *  Ephraim embraces Messiah but not without paganizing it.

                 Then after over 2,500 years Ephraim wants to accept the covenent
                 appart from those that maintained it?  She wants not to return to those
                 from whom she split in her rebelion, but wishes again to make strong
                 her own House appart from those who have preserved the covenant.
                 She wants to become a nation of priests without repenting of this
                 rebelion and submitting to those that did not rebel against the Temple?

                 >Is this  not arrogant?

                 I think that the above expectation of Ephraim is arogant.

                 > You are making me feel that I  am an inferior believer to you.

                 I cannot help how facts make you feel but there is no reason to feel that

                 >Is this the  message of Yeshua?
                 >So, in order to be accepted by you and the  Nazarenes
                 >I MUST be circumcised and be Torah  observant.
                 >I do these things because I want to, and I want  to please YHWH,
                 >and because I love Him.

                 Please read Exodus 12:47-50

                 In order to be accepted as a part of the Nazarene community you
                 should be learning
                 Torah with an intent to become Torah observant.  Doe that not make

                 James Trimm

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