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From:  "Dr. James Trimm" <jstrimm@h...>
Date:  Tue Jan 23, 2001  12:19 pm
Subject:  Setting it straight


It has come to my attention that there has been some discussion of
myself, my background and my credentials here on this list.

I am Jewish. I do have Jewish ancestory and I began attending
synagogue when I was 14. When I was 18 I first became a believer in
Yeshua as Messiah.

I have a Doctorate in Semitic Studies from a Catholic Seminary which
was un accreditted.

My understanding of the use of the words AM and GOY in the Tanak
are not a blunder.

Sometimes the word GOY is used to refer to "people" and sometimes it
is used to refer to non-Jews. That is to say that sometimes the word
GOY is used as a synonymn for AM and sometimes it is contrasted with

In Gen. 17 the word GOY is used as the interpretation of the AM in

However in Numbers 23:9 we read:

...lo, the people [AM] shall dwell alone,
and shall NOT be reckoned among the gentiles [GOYIM].

So while in Gen 17 AM = GOY; in Num. 23:9 AM cannot = GOY

This is because in Gen. 17 GOY is used to refer to "nation"
or "people" while in Num. 23:9 it is used to refer to gentiles.

In Gen. 17 Israel is a GOY (nation; people)= AM

But in Num. 23:9 Israel is NOT a GOY (gentile)
even though they are an AM (people; nation).

GOY is a single word with one meaning.

Just like in english for example the word "father" can mean that one
has a child or it can refer to a priest. One sentance might affirm
that I am a father; and another might use the "priest" context and
DENY that I am a father. This is because the word has more than one

There is no blunder here.

GOY CANNOT mean the same thing in Num. 23:9 that it does in Gen. 17
because in Gen 17 Goy is used as an interpretation of AM and in
Num. 23:9 GOY is CONTRASTED with AM.

James Trimm

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