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From:  Gnauman@a...
Date:  Thu Jul 29, 1999  9:26 am
Subject:  [chofjclist] Re: The One Mighty and Strong


Amen Michael
Relgion is a system of beliefs and when those beliefs change then the
"church" is no longer that religion. People need to realize that christ did
not establish an organization. Just like the arguement over the temple lot in
the early days, the courts decided that the rlds were the more correct in
doctrine so therefor they must be the "church" today i see that somwhat as
the restoration but as you said even the restoration has only given up the
obvious things.
All restorationist need to be careful, who they think they are. I mean the
bom even tells us that the term restoration more fully condemeth the sinner,
so therfore we better get back to the Lords system of beliefs as outlined in
the bom and that is His church not some name or organization like rlds. The
Lord told us we were the only true and living church on the face of the earth
but what exactly does that mean. It sure doesnt mean its the rlds, or
restorationist or mormons or whatever as it is a organization of people being
obedient to the laws of Christ. So when people say "He is going to restore
the rlds church" i have to cringe. He is going to restore His church which
will consist of obedient people.

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