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From:  Gnauman@a...
Date:  Wed Jul 14, 1999  12:22 pm
Subject:  [chofjclist] Re: The Church of the Book of Mormon


In a message dated 7/14/99 10:44:36 AM Central Daylight Time,
jrgriffith@j... writes:

<< >One
>of the LDS inconsistencies is that the Centerplace of Zion is
>Independence, Missouri, and not Salt Lake City, Utah

>Thomas R. Ziegler, M.D.

Dr. Ziegler,

While talking to a group of Mormons one time, I found out that they also
believe that Independence is the centerplace -- not Utah. I thought they
didn't realize this, but they do. Many Mormons visit the Temple Lot and
have told Church of Christ, Temple Lot elders that they are grateful for
the preservation of that spot.

Jan >>
I ran into a guy a few years ago while going to oklahoma city on southwest
airlines. He was reading a bom so i started talking to him. He was pretty
high up in the church, a bishop or something, so I asked him what they
believed about indep and the gathering spot. He said they still believe that
indep is the gathering spot, and in fact they already had plans drawn up to
move the headquarters of the church to adam-omdi-ahman. kind of interesting

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