DNS information that I sent to the Forum Members

All e-mails have DNS numbers attached to them. You cant see them on
your received e-mails, unless you select view and set it for -show
ALL headers. Then you will be able to see the DNS numbers. A DNS number
is a Domain Name Server number. It consists of 4 groups of numbers
separated by dots, for example  123.456.78.90. Each one of you has one.
If you send e-mails from different locations, then you might
have several. The point is, at each of these posts, you have a view
source tab. If you click on that, you will see the page source for the
post. In the case of this nazarene forum and any other originating with
nazarene.net, you will see, or is
another nazarene number I found. The first two groups of numbers are
the important ones. The first group of numbers lists your master name
server, or root domain. That number is assigned by the Internet Assigned
Numbers Authority - IANA.  The second group lists the Primary server and
then the secondary server.  The two following groups are random, as your
server tries to locate the next closest, direct path in the destination.
The last number is your host number. I can send myself 10 e-mails and
the last two goups of numbers will vary,  some of them repeating. All
emails on this forum are sent to Nazarene.net and then get routed here.
That is why you will see the same number for every person. If a person
sends an e-mail to a  mail account, such as hotmail, they list the
hotmail numbers and then  list the originating numbers. It is the first
two groups of numbers  that determine origin. This system works much
like addressing an envelope for mail. It is sent from the largest
source, being your state, to the next largest, your city, then your zip
code, then your address and finally your name. A similar principle
applies with DNS numbers. If you have an address resolving program you
can search the strings.

Ah, but nazarene.net doesnt control all the forums. That is where the
evidence comes in. On the Bom page, is a list of each forum I checked
and  what I found between James Trimm, Rabbi Yosef ben Yehudah and
guess  what, another name - Yosef Liahona. Now that one caught my eye,
since,  in doing a web search for Rabbi Yosef, I came across a Mormon web
site  that had a quote from an e-mail that "Rabbi Yosef"  sent them. It was about
the semitics of the word- liahona. After reading that and finding the
other forums, I decided to check that name out too, when I saw it. He
crops up, just as Rabbi Yosef is leaving. Pay attention to the dates and
go to view source to confirm what I am writing.