6 Steps letter to the Beit Din members and Friends of the Court

Subject: 6 steps
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 11:36:47 -0500
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Shalom b'YHWH
TO the Members of the Beit Din and the Friends of the Court, did the
Beit Din direct/force James Trimm to post his 6 step method, stating
that the purpose was to wean the Mormons off the Book of Mormon? SHalom,

 James Trimm  <jstrimm@h...>
Date: Sat Jul 8, 2000 10:18am
Subject: Six Step Approach to Mormons

 Six Steps to Approaching Mormons with Nazarene Judaism:
NOTE:  Mormons and other "restorationists" as they call
themselves generally put more faith in the Book of Mormon
than the Bible.  While they teach that many things were
editted out of the Bible and changed, they claim that the
Book of Mormon is the most correct book on earth.
Therefore it can be helpful in the initial stages to establish
many points from the Book of Mormon "for arguments sake" prior to
weaning them off of the Book of Mormon.  This is similar to
 the approch to Moslems that initially uses the Quran to
establish certain points.  However since Mormons are
Christians or at least para-Christians we still use a
variation of the five step approach.

                 PHASE ONE: PASSIVE "getting your foot in the door"

                 1.  HEBRAIC ROOTS

                 In this step you show them that Hebraic Roots really
                 illuminate the meaning behind many NT passages. (Zola
                 Levitt kind of stuff) For example:

                         * the material in the Jewish New Testament
                         relating to the Sukkot event of Yochanan 7 & 8.

                         *  The rope through the eye of a needle.

                         * The Messiah in the biblical/Jewish feasts.

                 At this point do not present anything doctrinaly
                 challenging to Christendom & Mormonism.

                 RESOURCES:  Most Hebraic Roots material out there.

                 BoM prooftext: 2Nephi 25:5

                 2.  GENTILIZATION

                 In this phase you will demonstrate how the Hebraic
                 roots of the NT were lost as the faith became gentilized.  The
                 grafted branches were not being fed by the root.  Still no need
                 to doctrinally challenge Christendom.  You may talk about
                 how Passover surplanted Easter but unless asked you need
                 not directly condemn Easter YET.

                 BoM prooftext: 1Ne. 13:21-29

                 3.  RESTORATION

                 In this phase you will show how the original branches
                 become grafted back in.  Jews come to Messiah in the
                 last days and restore the Hebraic roots. Still no need to
                 doctrinally challenge Christendom.  Just take the
                 attitude of "isn't it nice that we have all of this illumination

                 BoM prooftext: 2Nephi 25:5

                 PHASE TWO: AGRESSIVE "the close"

                 At this point review what you have covered so far but
                 recharacterize the "gentilization" and the loss of the Hebraic
                 roots as an apostasy (falling away).

                 4.  FREEDOM IN TORAH - Now you will introduce a single
                 doctrinal casualty of the apostasy.  You will show that

                 Christendom has recast the Torah as bondage and
                 Torahlessness as freedom.  You will show them that the
                 Torah is freedom, truth, light etc. and that the Torah
                 is for today.  You will expose the false teaching of ANOMOS =

                 RESOURCES:  FREEDOM IN TORAH by Trimm and
                 MESSIAH VOLUME ONE by Avi ben Mordechai

                 BoM prooftext: 1Nephi 17:25 (in combination with the
                 above resources) 3Nephi 16:7 ("truth" = Torah Ps. 119:142,
                 151, 160)Use Avi's "definition system" outlined in Messiah
                 Volume 1 to define words like "truth" and "light" etc.

                 5.  REVEALING THE TORAHLESS ONE - You NEVER
                 move to this step unless you  have completed the first
                 four steps successfully.  In this step you will expose the
                 other  "Torahless" Jesus of Christianity and identify the
                 great Whore Babylon etc..

                 RESOURCES:  My papers on the thunders; material on
                 Pagan Christendom on nazarene.net ant teshuvah.com and THE
                 TWO BABYLONS by Hislop.

                 6. WEANING THEM OFF THE BOOK OF MORMON - This
                 is really an extention of step five to some extent.
                 Using the test of a prophet found in the Torah (Deut. 13 & 18)
                 along with the problems with the Book of Mormon (and other
                 problems with Joseph Smith's other prophetic materials)
                 you may now wean them off of the Book of Mormon.

                         *  Certain passages at least appear to be

                         "...you must keep the performances
                         and ordinances of God until the law shall be
                         fulfilled which was given to Moses."
                         - 2Nephi 25:30 (supposedly between 559 & 545
                         (see also Alma 30:3)

                         "...but I say to you, that the time shall come
                         when it shall no more be expedient
                         to keep the law of Moses."
                         - Mosiah 13:27 (sopposedly in 148 BC)

                         "...the law in me is fulfilled,
                         for I have come to fulfil the law;
                         therefore it has an end."
                         - 3Nephi 15:5 (supposedly quoying "Jesus")

                         [right after the coming of "Christ"]
                         "And they did not walk anymore after the
                         performances and ordinances of the law of Moses..."
                         - 4Nephi 1:12

                         "...the law of circumcision is done away in
                         - Moroni 8:8 (supposedly quoting "Jesus")

                         *  The book seems to depict traditional
                          Christian  practices such as Communion [not Passover?] (3Nephi

                         * The Book of Mormon calls the followers of the
                          religion it depicts "Christians" supposedly as early as
                          73 BC (Alma 46:13-16).

                         * The BoM people supposedly came to the New
                         World and kept the law of Moses (2Ne. 25:24; Jarom
                          1:5; Mosiah 2:3; Alma 30:3; 34:14) they supposedly built a
                         Temple "after the manner of Solomon" (2Ne. 5:16) and made
                         offerings (1Ne. 5:9; 7:22; Mosiah 2:3) Now how could a
                         group of all Josephites (1Ne. 15:12; 19:24; 2Ne. 3:2-5;
                         Jacob 2:5 & Alma 26:36) do that without any Levites?  Maybe
                         thay just did it theselves (1Nephi 2:7) and
                         appointed non-Levites as priests (2Ne. 5:26;  Jacob 1:18)
                         but then who would say that a group of Josephites
                         who built their own Temple, performed their own
                         offerrings and appointed their own non-Levitical

                                 "...did observe to keep the judgements,

                                 and the statutes, and the commandments
                                 of the Lord IN ALL THINGS ACCORDING TO THE LAW OF
                                 MOSES" (2Ne. 5:10)?

                         Even IF the Lord had told them to do such
                         things would it not be WAY beyond the realm of truth to say
                         that they were done "according to the law of Moses"?

                         *  Also why would a group which kept the law of
                           Moses in all things build various Temples in various

                                 * "The Land of Nephi" (2Ne. 5:8, 16)

                                 * "The Land of Zarahemla (Mosiah 1:18)

                                 * "the Land Bountiful" (3Nephi 11:1)

                         And much of this time overlaps The Second
                         Temple Era. Compare Deut 12:21; 16:16 which teaches only
                         one Temple in one chosen place.  How does that

                         *  While the book is longer than the NT and is
                         largely narative it never mentions a Jewish/Biblical
                         holiday by name.  It also never mentions a newmoon
                         convocation, Nazarite vow etc. This is suspicious.

                         *  Although its people supposedly kept the Law
                          of Moses until the time of "Christ" the book
                         places the death of "Christ" on the "the first month, on
                         the fourth day" (3Ne. 8:5) though this day would have been

                         Passover, the 14th day of the month on the
                         Biblical/Jewish calendar.  In fact Passover
                         roughly coresponds with the full moon and would
                         be within a day of the 15th (on a newmoon based
                         calendar) or a day of the 1st (on any Fullmoon
                         based calendar) So not only is this supposed "BoM
                         calendar" not the Biblical newmoon calendar it could not
                         even be a lunar calendar at all.

                 James Trimm

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