Trimm Using Others and Power

I wrote James Trimm asking questions about the origins of his beit din. What James did not know, was that I had just met Chris Lingle. We spoke on the phone as well as meeting in person. Chris, his wife April and their 2 daughters stopped by my home, to drop off some copies of reference materials that we had talked about, as they were going south to visit relatives. This was the first time meeting in person. James reply email came in and Chris asked if he could reply, which is why my email is listed, but it is Chris replying to James.


Subject: Re: Lingle
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 10:23:31 -0500 (CDT)
From: James Trimm <>

Lets get this straight.

Chris Lingle was one of the original beit-din members.

Lingle resigned from the beit-din voluntarilly because he at the time
stated that he did not feel that it was prophetically time for it. We
disagreed with him. At the time he did not opose the beit-din itself and
stayed on for several weeks as a "friend of the court" regarding the

This was discussed at the board meating later at which Chris parted ways
with us and in that meeting he acknowledged having previously been a
beit-din member. This board meeting was taped.

Chris later parted ways with us for non-doctrinal reasons.

That was about a year ago and since that time we have all moved on. There
may well be doctrinal differences now. Since that time SANJ has grown by
2,000% and the International Nazarene Beit Din has become very
international with two Israeli citizens and an Autsralian Citizen as
members and recognition from congregations in five countries. No doubt we
may have grown into something Lingle no longer agrees with. Moreover
Lingle may have moved into theology we do not agree with.

AT any rate it is npt important to the issue of authority in general.

I am under the authority of the International Nazarene Beit Din, or at
least the other members of it. I only have one vote in that body and
serve as president at their pleasure. Moreover that body is recognized as
a valid body of zakanim (Elders) by 50 congregations in five countries and
about 6,000 individual people. You asked who I am answerable to or what
authority I am under... there it is.

And this issue itself was a distraction from the real issue we were
discussing, what is and is not anti-semitic.

That issue was actually also a diversion on the real issue: Dan "Israel's"
book is anti-semitic and goes so far as to teach that Jews are not even
sons of Adam but the literal seed of the Serpent himself, tares which can
never be wheat and can never bear fruit because they were born tares.

James Trimm

>Sorry, you have a way about creating your own reality. never did i
>formally agree to your bet din. i was present when you were discussing
>how it would be set up and i participated in those discussions but i
>formally disavowed your bet din up front from the start. you have used
>bait and switch techniques concerning me from the beginning. you know
>how concerned we were with your character for more than 9 months prior
>to your satanic letter about me. but i will tell you now that the
>reason we did not work out revolved around ideology about how a work
>should be run and what the objectives should be. you also ran way too
>fast on your doctrinal positions. I was in development mode with you on
>these. Our problems were ideological and doctrinal and finally
>character was an issue - is it your position that you want to mud sling
>and disgust everyone or do you want to hash out where doctrine and
>ideology lie? Once and for all I was never part of your ridiculous self
>appointed little bet din and you discredit yourself when you say i was.
>Your motive was power and money and others have seen it without my
>commenting. I will be glad to hash out doctrine and the errors that you
>espouse. That is where the real benefit for everyone will be. (But
>believe me I am not afraid of making a stand on any issue against you)
>BTW Thanks for using me all those years pal