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Subject: 3 What is a Messianic
This is the only article in this thread
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Newsgroups: alt.messianic
Date: 1993-06-09 02:47:06 PST
    3rd in Response to James Trimm--
JT>From: b645zaw@utarlg.uta.edu (James Trimm)
JT>Date: 3 Jun 93 06:58:00 GMT
JT>Organization: The University of Texas at Arlington
JT>Message-ID: <3JUN199300581461@utarlg.uta.edu>

JT>     Why... are the UMJC and IAMJC not factions?  Are they not human
JT>organizations containing both believers and mouth-only-professing non
JT>believers yoking them together for a common cause?  Whats so wrong with
JT>coming out from sectarian human organizations and being seperate?

    You demand a strict adherence to biblical truth, James:  Hear the
word of the Lord in this matter--

    But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then
appeared the tares also. So the servants of the householder came and
said unto him, Sir, didst not thou sow good seed in thy field? from
whence then hath it tares? He said unto them, An enemy hath done this.
The servants said unto him, WILT THOU THEN THAT WE GO AND GATHER THEM
ALSO THE WHEAT WITH THEM.  -- Mat 13:26-29

    It is not necessary to disband all the denominations of the faith in
order to cease from sectarianism.  All you will accomplish is to set up
your own new sectarian faction.  You will only give yourself to tearing
down, while the Spirit of the Lord is seeking those who will give
themselves to building up the body of Messiah.  If your focus is solely
on doctrines, it will not be on obedience to the Lord.  You can choose
to be obedient to what Yeshua said at the conclusion of the Sermon on
the Mount--"these sayings of Mine"--or you can continue to mount a
campaign against the Messianic movement....but you will not accomplish
both at the same time.

JT>     Donna... read the articals I have posted THE APOSTASY AND RESTORATI
JT>and UNDERSTANDING THE COVENANTS... are they not true?  You are invited t
JT>come meet with us anytime, in the non-sectarian simplicity of Messiah.
JT>Read Eph. 4.

    Look, James, there are a lot of non-denominational churches that
have more of a sectarian spirit than some denominational bodies.  To
separate yourself from denominations is no protection against a
sectarian spirit.  I have read your articles and I find a high degree of
individualistic legalism in them.
    There is a spiritual unity being built in the body of Messiah which
does not seek the destruction of denominations and does not focus on
doctrines.  These are people whose focus is the Lord and who come
together in one accord without making denominational distinctions, to
seek the will of God.  They leave the doctrinal correction to the
revelation of the Spirit, and come together only to pray in one accord
for the will of God in heaven to be manifested on earth--in their own
cities.  (You might read "The House of the Lord" by Francis Frangipane
if you want to know more.)
    Frankly, all that I have read from you sounds like nothing more than
the attempt to establish yet another splinter group.  I do not see any
return to the purity and simplicity of devotion to the Lord in what you
have posted here.  I again decline your invitation.
    Donna Diorio
DONNA DIORIO - via ParaNet node 1:104/422
UUCP: !scicom!paranet!User_Name

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