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Subject: clearing the air
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Original Format
Newsgroups: alt.messianic
Date: 1993-07-02 00:39:17 PST
    In Response to James Trimm--
JT>From: b645zaw@utarlg.uta.edu (James Trimm)
JT>Message-ID: <28JUN199301375614@utarlg.uta.edu>

JT>     As many of you know I have posted a number of messages
JT>(mostly on alt.messianic) about Nazarene/Messianic Judaism.  As
JT>you also know I have recieved a lot of rebuke from Harvey Smith
JT>and Donna Diorio.......

JT>like what I am teaching.  Tonight (Sun. June 27) I recieved a
JT>warning that if I do not stop posting by Thurs. July 1st, a
JT>message will be posted in an effort to assasinate my character.

    James, since Harvey is out of town for the week I will make the
first answer of this.
    First, the warning you received no doubt only concerned posting on
the Messianic Jewish Computer Network of which Harvey is the Moderator.
It lies within his responsibility to cut you off there, and in fact, it
is an action in response to complaint from your (apparently) former
spiritual leader, Rabbi Eisenberg:

    Quoting a post from Harvey Smith to Donna Diorio on 6/26/93

HS> I have first hand info on the above, as his spiritual leader in
HS> Ft Worth Stan Eisenberg lamented that he was on probation in his
HS> congregation while being supposedly received on MJCN.  I solved
HS> that problem with Stan via voice communications. So I can say with
HS> authority that he was definately in spiritual rebellion in Stan's
HS> congregation.

    You try to make yourself out to be the innocent victim of character
assassination when the truth is that you have discredited your own
character through rebellion.  That you were put on probation in the Ft
Worth congregation--for the purpose of rehabilitation--but you chose
rather to refuse this and to launch your own sect, Nazarene Judaism,
most certainly does disqualify you from being received by MJCN and any
other UMJC-affiliated congregation or organization.
    Finally we are getting to the source of your anti-UMJC and MJAA
postings....which was as I discerned as rebellion from the beginning of
your postings (without any knowledge of you other than your own posts).
So you see, James, the spirit which you are operating in *is* discern-
    If you are in rebellion from the spiritual authority in your life,
then you should not expect to be welcomed with open arms by other UMJC
affliated congregations and members. Your sin is not one that is
strictly between your self and your wife but can taint any congregation
that you join yourself to....that is clear from Sha'ul's handling of
this sin in 1 Corinthians 5.  You may also be restored as is clear in
Sha'ul's direction to the same congregation in 2 Cor 2....but until you
satisify the restoration process, you are to be shunned as a heathen.
    Whether others here see the wisdom of spiritual judicial process
currently applied to you is really neither here nor there--but you
should understand that UMJC folks will have no use whatsoever for your
teachings as long as you remain in spiritual rebellion.
    Sincerely, Donna Diorio
DONNA DIORIO - via ParaNet node 1:104/422
UUCP: !scicom!paranet!User_Name

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