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From:  "ark" <ark@p...>
Date:  Sat Jul 13, 2002  11:25 pm
Subject:  Fw: Faked Hebraic-Aramaic New Testament

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From: ark
Sent: Saturday, July 13, 2002 11:21 PM
Subject: Faked Hebraic-Aramaic New Testament

The  ARK  Forum
Dear Darrell and Echadone Forum,
Grace to you and peace from Yahweh, Yahshua ha Messiah, HalleluYah!
Thank you for your response.  I know what you stand for and I am glad that you have remained level headed and have not become an Extreme Exclusive Sacred Name Movement (EESNM) adherent.  You have quoted James Trimm and supported his theory that the New Testament was originally written in Hebrew/Aramaic.
Dear Paul and Echadone Forum,

      Their is one statement in Paul's statement I would like to clarify. The original New Testament in the Aramaic and Hebrew contains the name of Yahshua. The Book of Hebrews recently found by James Trimm contains the longer form Yahushua.

Trimm have all done extensive research into these Aramaic and Hebrew text showing them to be authentic and containing missing parts of the New Testement record.

First of all I want to admit that I am not a Bible scholar by any stretch of the imagination.  I have not made any extensive research on Aramaic and Hebrew scriptures.  I do not get intimidated by bible scholars that do because I am not discussing Aramaic and Hebrew scriptures with them.  I just want to discuss the issue of whether or not the New Testament was originally written in Greek or Hebrew-Aramaic?
I have known the work of Dr. Trimm through other forums and found out that he teaches the Jewish occultic studies in Kabbala.  In order for him to teach his heresy he first has to uproot a Christian's faith in the New Testament that is translated from the original Greek. 
There are no known and valid Hebrew-Aramaic texts of the New Testament that are in existence.  If there is one, you can be sure that all the Bible scholars in the world would have clamored for it and publicize it like they did when they discovered the "Dead Sea Scrolls."  There is a New Testament that is supposed to be translated from the Aramaic text but most Bible scholars discount its genuity.  Some facts will show that Dr. Trimm's Hebraic-Aramaic New Testament is fakery.
I want to show you a very basic and simple logic why Dr. Trimm is in deep error when he claims that the New Testament was originally written in Hebrew-Aramaic.  Let me start with the Acts of the Apostles.  Read the first verse.  "The former account I made, O Theophilus, of all that Jesus began both to do and teach." (Acts 1:1)  The physician Luke was writing to his friend Theophilus, a Greek name that means "friend of God."  The former account refers to Luke's earlier book in which he also wrote to the same person (Lk. 1:3).  Luke refers to him as "most excellent Theophilus".  In all probability Theophilus was a high official, a governor or even someone who was very powerful and influential.  There is no ryme or reason that Dr. Luke would write to his Greek friend in Hebrew-Aramaic.  It is like me writing to you Darrell in Chinese.  It does not make any senseat all.
During that time Greek was the lingua franca in that part of the world, just like what English is today in the United Nations.  A very simple logical question will show that Dr. Trimm's claims are absolutely wrong.  Would Luke write such an important document such as the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and the History of the Christian Church in an obscure and unknown language?  Aramaic is a dialect that was spoken mainly in Galilee and not spoken widely anywhere else.  If the New Testament were written in Aramaic then very few people would be able to read it. 
 When Jesus was crucified the inscription was written in Hebrew, Greek and Latin (Jn. 19:19-20).  Why?  Because those were the official languages in Israel at that time.  There is no mention of Aramaic at all.  Remember that Israel was under the rulership of the Roman emperor at that time.  Most educated people read and write Greek or Latin.  Hebrew was a sacred language used in religious circles but not widely.  You can check up all these facts in the Bible encyclopaedia or dictionary.
Let us take a look at the other books of the New Testament.  Paul wrote the book of Romans "to all who are in Rome, beloved of God, called to be saints." (Rom. 1:7)  Paul had used a secretary/writer named Tertius to write the letter to the Roman Church (Rom. 16:22).  It is possible that Romans could have been originally written in Latin because the Romans spoke Latin at that time.  It is preposterous to even suggest that the Roman epistle was originally written in Hebrew-Aramaic.  Dr. Trimm is a charlatan.  He knows the facts but he still wants to sell his translation knowing full well that it is not based on the truth.  Let me go on.
The apostle Paul wrote thirteen epistles, some to the Gentile churches in Rome, Corinth, Galatia, Ephesus, Philippi, Colosse, Thessalonica and some to Timothy, Titus and others.  If all those epistles were originally written in Hebrew-Aramaic which is not well known in the Roman and Grecian territories how would anyone read them? 
Paul wrote two letters to Timothy whose father was Greek and his mother a Jewess (Acts 16:1).  He lived in Lystra, a Roman colony in Greece.  Paul instructed Timothy how to teach the Ephesian Christians.  Paul's letters to Timothy were in Greek.  So are his letters to Titus and Philemon.  There is no reason for Paul to write those letters in Hebrew-Aramaic.
Let us go to the Book of Revelation to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that it was originally written in Greek and not Hebraic-Aramaic.  The Lord Jesus Christ said: "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End,' says the Lord, 'who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty." (Rev. 1:8)  "Alpha" [ a ] is the first letter and "Omega" [ W ] is the last letter in the Greek Alphabet.  The apostle John wrote the book of Revelation in the Greek island of Patmos and it was written in the Greek language.  How do we know that?  The Lord Jesus Christ told him: "What you see, write in a book and send it to the seven churches which are in Asia: to Ephesus, to Smyrna, to Pergamos, to Thyatira, to Sardis, to Philadelphia, and to Laodicea." (Rev. 1:11)  All these seven churches speak, write and read Greek and the name of JESUS in the book of Revelation is in the Greek language and definitely not Hebrew/Aramaic as claimed by Dr. Trimm.  If anything is proven it is this that Dr. Trimm is either a very ignorant Bible scholar or he is a very bad liar
There is absolutely no truth that the New Testament was originally written in the Hebrew-Aramaic language.  Show me the evidence of the original manuscripts of the Hebrew-Aramaic texts and let the well-known biblical research institutes examine whether or not they are genuine.  If they are genuine then Darrell, write to me with the proof.  I want proof, not hearsay.  If any respectable biblical research institute makes a thorough investigation of James Trimm's book, I am not surprised they will discover he had actually translated his supposedly Hebraic-Aramaic New Testament from either the English or Greek Bibles.  Where else can he get the research material which is non-existent?
Dr. James Trimm attempted to take control of one of the ARK Forum groups
I have had an extremely bad experience with Dr. James Trimm.  He had tried to take control of the ARK Forum in June 2001.  He jammed my e-mail system by joining all the 17 Yahoogroups in the ARK Forum and sending his bulky and lengthy newsletter to promote his book "Hebraic-Aramaic NT Roots".  I had to delete all his emails because they all came at the same time and it jammed the Outlook Express system in my computer.  I removed him from all my lists because I consider him overaggressive in his promotion.  He was very insistent.  He got back into the ARK Forum, this time he joined just one of my e-mail groups.  I let him join and distributed about 15 of his e-mails.  When he sent his 15th e-mail I sensed something was wrong.  I prayed and the Lord told me that this man was trying to take over the group that I allowed him to join.  Sure enough, when I checked on my Yahoogroup system I was shocked.  James Trimm had made himself a moderator in that group that he belonged in the ARK Forum.  I removed his name completely from the ARK Forum.  I wanted to have nothing to do with that man.  He just wanted to impose his will on other people without receiving what others want to share with him.
A few weeks later my sister Nornie in Toronto, Canada wrote to me about Dr. James Trimm's newsletter in her Yahoogroup list.  I warned her about this man and his ill-reputation on the Internet circuit.  He is a cyber-predator that seeks to prey on innocent Christians in order to corrupt Christianity on the Internet.  I wouldn't want to quote Dr. James Trimm for your support if I were you.  He is the type of strange bedfellow that you do not want to be associated with. 
May Yahweh bless you and your ministry,
Your servant in Yahweh, Yahshua ha Messiah,
Paul Wong ~ Email Address:
Dear Paul and Echadone Forum,

      Their is one statement in Paul's statement I would like to clarify. The original New Testament in the Aramaic and Hebrew contains the name of Yahshua. The Book of Hebrews recently found by James Trimm contains the longer form Yahushua. The Western scholars insist it was Greek but there are many problems with this statement. The New Testament Assembly started in the Jewish Synagogues where Hebrew and Aramaic were taught, read, and fluently spoken in the 1st century throughout the Roman and known world including Alexandria, Egypt where their were many Greek speaking Jews and where the Greek Septuegent of the Old Testament was in use. The Septuegent was never accepted in the land of Yahudea/Judea since they used the Vorlage text of the Old Testament ( from which the Septuegent is translated) as is found among the Dead Sea scrolls,and is used by the Samaritains to this day, which is the unaltered text that was later corrected by the Jewish Rabbis in Jamnia about 100 AD because they wanted to edit the Messianic passage contained there in that were being used by the Apostles and early believer in Yahushua of Nazareth to preach the evangel/glad tidings of salvation through the Messiah. Victor Alexander, Herb Jahn, and James Trimm have all done extensive research into these Aramaic and Hebrew text showing them to be authentic and containing missing parts of the New Testement record. One is in the Greek New Testament text of Matthew there are only 13 names mentioned but 14 generations claimed . The Hebrew text of Matthew contains the missing name in this geneology, Matthew 1:1-7. There are supposed to be 3 sets of 14 names while in the third set in your King James Version there is only 13, which the Hebrew text has in the 13 verse ["and Ahiud begat Abner: and Abner"] begat Eliakim... This shows a translator from the Aramaic into Greek missed this phrase and incorrectly recorded.

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