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From: James Trimm <jstrimm@h...>
Date: MonMar5,2001 1:09 am
Subject: [losttribes] Nazarene Communty Center

Shalom all,

We have long said that Nazarne Judaism needs to be building communities.
Well we now have a plan that we believe will do just that. We are planning
a Nazarene Community Center!

This community center will house:

* A Nazarene Synagogue

* Beit Netzarim Nazarene Yeshiva
complete with classrooms and a library complete with the
Mishna, Talmuds, Midrashim, Zohar, Bahir, Sefer Yetzirah,
Qumran texts etc all in Hebrew/Aramaic and English as well
as the Hebrew and Aramaic NT texts and Historical works
such as Josephus, Philo and the so-called "Church Fathers"etc.
A real quality library.
(This will tie in with our planned expansion of the Yeshiva)

* A Kosher Mikvah

* Either a Nazarene Private school, or a support group
for Nazarene homeschoolers or both.

* A "community center" much like any traditional
"Jewish Community Center"

* Community classes in Hebrew, Aramaic, Hebraic
Dance, Torah classes, prayer groups etc.

It is intended that this community center will serve as an anchor to
promote a Nazarene Jewish community and if successful additional Nazarene
communities could be established in various other loactions over a period
of time.

No this would not be a rural "cult compound" but would be much more like a
Jewish Community center and would be located in a Suburban area.

Imagin living in such a community! Kosher food including meat and cheese
readily available, and a community of like minded believers living in a
"Jewish Community" much like any other.

We currently estimate that it will cost at least $250,000 to build such a
community center.
Now we could build it next month if 1,000 of you sent $250 this month for
it. But we all know that that is not going to happen. However we are
asking for contributions, especially regular contributuions that will help
us make this community center a reality.

Just send your contribution check or money order to:

Box 471
Hurst, TX 76053

Or you may contribute online with PayPal
You must sign up with them, but rest assured the service to you is
FREE!!! You can send money from your bank account to our bank account, or
you can use your credit card to send money from your credit card to our
bank account.

Send your payments to the following email address: sales@n... .

Make sure you put in the notes, that you are sending in a donation for
the Community Center.

If you need further help, email us at itrimm@h... or sales@n... .


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