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From: James Trimm <jstrimm@h...>
Date: MonMar13,2000 11:49 pm
Subject: [losttribes] SANJ


You may have noticed that SANJ is coming out with a lot more materials lately.

This is largely because the actual translation work on the Semitic New
Testament Project is complete and we are now only working on formatting,
typesetting, editting and proofreading (much of which does not require my
constant attention, but only my oversight).

As you know in recent weeks SANJ has made available:

* "DuTillet" Hebrew Matthew in a parallel Hebrew/English edition.

* The Book of Enoch (translated from the Aramaic)
with nearly 300 footnotes.

* A detailed book on Jewish Hermeneutics.

* The Mystery of the Godhead; Basic Concepts of Kabbalah -
(a book which compares Jewish Mysticism with concepts in the
New Testament)

* The extant fragments of the apocryphal Nazarene Gospel:
THE GOODNEWS ACCORDING TO THE HEBREWS with analysis and commentary.


* A reprint of accademic papers arguing for a Semitic origin for

We are plowing ahead to make materials available that NEED to be available
to the reviving Nazarene community. I believe that there is a need and a
desire for these kinds of materials in our community.

SANJ also organizes an annual Nazarene conference each year where like
minded people can meet each other in person, have fellowship and benifit
from live presentations.

SANJ also networks Nazarene assemblies from around the world and networks
Nazarenes around the world on the internet with our webistes; listservers
and chatroom.

We also operate the worlds only Nazarene Yeshiva at very modest fees.

In coming weeks SANJ plans to release:

* The Semitic New Testament Project
(NT text translated from Hebrew and Aramaic manuscripts).

* Semitic Light on Matthew
(A Nazarene Commentary on Matthew)

* A Nazarene Cemmentary on Isaiah
(including five fragmensts from an ancient Nazarene Midrash on Isaiah)

* Fragments of the ancient book: "Memoirs of Hegesippus the Nazarene"
with Commentary.

* A Nazarene Commentary on the entire NT

And much more.

Now I believe that SANJ is doing a great service for the Nazarene
community. In fact SANJ accomidates (as best we can) the theological needs
of an estimated 6,000 Nazarenes worldwide.

Howver the truth is that I could count on both hands the number of people
who make regual contributions to SANJ. The vast majority of our income
comes from our books and tape sets.

SANJ could do so much more if more of you made modest cotributions on a
regular basis.

Please consider making a monthly contribution to our efforts.

Please make check or money order payable to SANJ and mail to:

PO Box 471
Hurst, TX 76053

James Trimm

This list provided by SANJ sponsors:
SANJ is a non-profit organization

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